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10 Best Alexa Chung Looks

Want to stare at pictures of Alexa Chung until her style somehow rubs off on you? Yeah, we do too.

Here we go! We’ve narrowed down our favorite Alexa Chung looks. She is such a beauty with classic, unique style. She can pull off looks I couldn’t even dream up. From casual to chic, this girl knows how to put together an outfit.

1. This dress is unique & classic, just like Alexa


The details on this top are insane!

2. This monochrome ensemble is perfection


You could even wear this after Labor Day, who would say something to you when you look like this?

3. Tights + shorts = match made in style heaven


& don’t even get me started on that patriotic top. Where does she shop?

4. Denim shorts are kind of her thing


That top is so cute too. Grandma-chic? Is that a thing?

5. But really, she looks great in anything


Simple & casual, yet totally stylish. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

6. Major heart eyes emoji over this skirt


Okay, well I guess anyone would look ah-mazing in this skirt.

7. She’s also queen of the mini skirts

Yup, I would show off those legs too.

8. She somehow pulls off saddle shoes effortlessly

I wasn’t even aware saddle shoes were still available for purchase and here she is, rocking them.

9. Shoe game strong.

She’s just like the rest of us, living in her sneakers.

10. Her style in two words: Effortless chic.

Alternative: JUST PERFECT.

Which Alexa outfit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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