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11 Ways To Look Hot In A Bikini This Summer

Already planning your summer vacation? If so, there’s one thing you can’t forget: your bikini. Here are 11 hot bikinis that will complete your summer getaway. 

11 Ways to Look Hot in a Bikini This Summer

Beach season is almost upon us (especially if you live in Southern California) and you know what that means, ladies: time to go bikini shopping. You didn’t think we were going to say it’s time to work out, did you? That’s so 2015.

We’ve rounded up 11 bikinis to look smokin’ in this summer. From feminine florals to sexy crochet, we know you’ll find your next favorite swimsuit in this list. Here’s to an endless summer and endless beach parties!

1. Neon Bikini

Neon is great during the summer. Get a tan (or self-tan) would be so lovely this summer. Tan yourself and look gorgeously hot in this designer bikini.

2. Simple, Yet Sporty 

With this bikini, there’s no having to worry about any wardrobe malfunction when you play beach volleyball. Winning!

3. Floral Printed Bikini 

11 Ways To Look Hot In A Bikini This Summer

Look cheery and bright with this floral-printed bikini.

4. Sexy & Sophisticated 

Look sexy and sophisticated for a monochrome bikini with detailed accents. It’s the perfect swimwear!

5. Sea-Blue Bikini

Draw inspiration from nature with this sea-blue bikini. Blue is flattering on every skin tone.

6. Aztec-Inspired Bikini 

Add a bohemian touch to your wardrobe with this Aztec-print bikini.

7. Sexy Crochet Bikini 

11 Ways To Look Hot In A Bikini This Summer

Wow! This crocheted bikini may be a little too sexy. We like it!

8. Sexy Lifeguard Look

Be the sexiest lifeguard ever with this one-piece swimsuit.

9. Bandeau Bikini with Sweet Prints

Who doesn’t love bandeau bikini tops? They’re super versatile and look great under a cover-up.

10. Miami Girl Look

Miami girl, VS Angel, if you can dream it, you can look it with this sexy bikini.

11. High-Neck Halter Bikini 

11 Ways To Look Hot In A Bikini This Summer

Look elegant yet edgy, fierce yet feminine, in this high-neck halter bikini.

For more hot bikini designs, check out the A’qua Swimwear LA Fashion Show below.

Which of these swimsuits was your favorite? Let us know in the Comments section below or via Facebook!

For more cute bikinis, check out our favorite affordable online retailer, Mason & Ivy. Looking for cute outfits? Click here! Till next time!

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