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11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

It’s Christmas decorating crunch time! 

Traditional Christmas decorations can be a hit or miss. Not all of us are fond of the over-the-top decor that promises to turn your home into a literal wonderland. Nowadays, minimalist design is the “it” thing and it doesn’t come as a surprise why more minimalist people are looking into modern Christmas decor ideas instead.

If you’re someone who prefers the minimalist or modern approach to decorating your home, you will love these decorating ideas! Be warned, these Christmas decorations are mostly black and white (we are going minimalist here), but the accents and design elements are what you really should be looking out for. Let’s get a move on, shall we? Christmas is right around the corner!

11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

1. Touch of Gold

Yes, minimalists like to keep things… well… minimal. Two contrasting colors are usually all it takes, but let’s make an exception this time for the holiday season. A touch or hint of gold in your home’s Christmas decor really won’t throw off the minimalist look you’re going for as long as you do it right. If you pick the right decoration, it will definitely add some sparkle to your home.

Moreover, if you have a fireplace at home, it should definitely be the focal point of your living room’s Christmas decor. It’s great for hanging stockings, candles and your decadent Christmas sign too.

When creating your minimalist mantel, take a look at the photo above to assess the color balance: 70% is white, while the black and gold take equal parts in complementing the white. All in all, it works!

11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

2. A Small Branch Tree

A minimalist may just choose to do away with traditional trees that take up space and if you can get your hands on a small, cute tree why not toss out the oversized one? They’re so 2014 anyway.

In the above photo, dangling hearts were used, but you can change this up by using mini-sized ornaments or stars instead. But if you find a deer accent like this, that would be awesome too! I’m actually in awe at how adorable this is.

3. Tree On The Wall

Don’t want a tree to consume floor space? Then put one on your wall! In this predominantly black and white living room, the tree was simply outlined on the wall with black tape and a black garland is placed inside the tree for aesthetic purposes.

But while the tree design is genius, I’m more impressed that there are actually Christmas gifts below that tree as well–and they’re wrapped in black and white wrappers with black ribbons! So cute!

11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

4. The Modern Glam

There are people who go to extremes with modern glam, such as this Christmas decor idea above. In this case, it’s a combination of silver, crystals and glass that makes the entire scene look delicate, fragile and downright sexy. Can you imagine walking into this living room without trying to break anything? Cue the nervous sweat beads, amiright?

The concept of this modern Christmas decor is actually beautiful. Or better yet, I’ll describe it as elegant. Glam decors are hard to pull off because there is always the risk of overdoing things which is exactly the opposite of what we want when curating our minimalist Christmas design. But in this case, it’s just the right touch of glam to make this Christmas decor look really classy.

5. The Homey Chic

It is really difficult to find a balance between making your living room as homey as possible and yet, making sure that your design concept can be as chic as it gets. For many, it’s just a choice between the two, but for the others, homey + chic is exactly what they need and are looking for.

Take a look at the example above. The simple Christmas decorations did not take away from the feeling of comfort and coziness, but instead added chic to the picture so that the whole design isn’t too country.

11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

6. Starlight Starbright

What good is a Christmas setup if there aren’t any stars? I can’t even begin to imagine Christmas without these tiny sparkly things! If you’re not fond of huge, elaborate pieces, you can make stars the focal point of your design. Use black, white and gray stars to easily complement your interiors. Hang some Christmas balls for a more complete look and there you have it!

7. The Cardboard

Now this one is for the hardcore minimalists out there. You don’t really have time for all that shebang! Nor do you want it in your life. This Christmas, all it takes are two cardboard pieces that say December 25th and a drawing of a tree. No need for “the works,” these visual boards say it all!

11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

8. Miniature Trees

If being low-key is your thing, then having miniature Christmas trees is your ultimate decor solution. Those small black trees already show that you have the Christmas spirit at home, but don’t really feel the need to get all fancy with it. You’ll leave that to Iggy Azalea.

However, to take the theme a bit further and get uber-minimalist with your Christmas, this wooden branch would be the ultimate addition to your Christmas decorations. And like I said earlier, hanging stars on those branches can really perk up your simple tree instantly.

9. A White Christmas

The snow is falling outside your home but you just can’t get enough of the white Christmas magic. So why not have a white Christmas inside your home as well? For modern homes, white is a big deal and if you don’t want to break any color scheme, you can just go all white with your decorations too.

Take this inspiration for example: the homeowner chose to hang white stars and display white candles. While some would prefer adding some black in there for contrast, have peace of mind knowing that going 100% white is a great idea as well.

11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

10. Unconventional Branch Tree

Let’s admit it, not everyone is down for the all white, red and gold Christmas we all got used to. For others, having a black Christmas isn’t so bad too. Now if you’re that kind of person then this Christmas decor inspiration is perfect!

Since minimalist is your thing, get a sparse-looking branch tree and hang black stars on it. It’s unusual but definitely unique and will still exemplify the Christmas spirit at home, albeit a more toned down version.

11 Christmas Decorations For The Minimalist

11. Ultimate Black and White

If you’re reading this, there’s no doubt in the world that you love the black and white combo. So do I! The thing with black and white is that there are so many things you can do with it since you don’t need to worry about any color matching. Black and white are just perfect for one another so whether you’re going all black, all white, or both, rest assured that they ALWAYS look good together.

Seeing these photos makes me want to perfect my Christmas decor. The countdown for Christmas has begun (17 more days) and there’s no time to waste in getting your home ready for Santa’s arrival.

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