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13 Fashion Faux Pas To NEVER Be Caught In

We all try to do our best with our fashion choices everyday, but sometimes, life happens and it just turns our day into a complete wardrobe nightmare! Has this happened to you once, twice, too much? Let’s talk about that today!

13 Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid, check it out at

Never Get Caught In These Embarrassing Fashion Fails Ever

There are days when we just can’t have it all. And the best way to avoid fashion fails that can really make you go triple face palm is to acknowledge what these fashion faux pas are and avoid them at all costs! Let’s get started:

Deodorant Marks

Ah! The dreaded white marks on your colored clothes and you can’t even hide it, it’s just too obvious! I’ve had this happen to me several times and I just end up wearing another shirt. My simple solution? I just wear the shirt first before applying deodorant. It’s better to be on the safe side.

13 Fashion Faux Pas To NEVER Be Caught In

Broken Footwear

I have been a victim too many times and it’s just crazy embarrassing to have a broken shoe, sandal or slipper. I have this thing about using footwear that I don’t normally use. “Well well, we haven’t been together in a while so I think I’ll just use you for today.” And then BOOM! It just fails on me within an hour of walking. Ladies, please don’t wear shoes that you haven’t worn in a long time. The stuff in there gets pretty brittle and the last thing you’d want is to walk barefoot wearing a power suit!

Ripping Something Open

Honey, if it’s too small, DON’T WEAR IT! Don’t even justify why you need to wear a very tight shirt or pants today, there’s no good reason too. Unless you plan to bring a sewing kit with you every day, please avoid tight and small clothes at all clothes. Ripping clothes wide open is enough to make you want to hide in the office bathroom all day.

Spilling Something

It’s not even all about the white clothes anymore (even though that’s worse!), but any spills and obvious stains on your clothes is a fail. The best way to save yourself from this fashion faux pas is to always bring a stain-remover pen with you and let it do its job. Next time? Just be extra extra careful!

Tag Attached

Ladies, we don’t do tags attached on our clothes for whatever reason. I know that there are rappers who like wearing their hats with the original tag, but well, let’s face it—we’re not celebrity rappers. Please make sure all tags are removed before you wear a piece of clothing. You wouldn’t want to be a walking mannequin.

13 Fashion Faux Pas To NEVER Be Caught In

Forgot the Cash

I am confessing to this one. I’m into bags that are pretty versatile so I can use them for different looks. But the moment I decide to switch bags, that means my bag is full of receipts and trash that I don’t have time to clean… so I just make the switch. After leaving home, the only time I realize that I’ve left my cash in the other bag is when I’m already in line to pay for something. Uh, talk about embarrassing! Then I just ask myself…why? Why do I have to switch bags?

Wrong Undies

We should all know this by now but apparently, we turn a blind eye! If you’re wearing a bodycon and curve-hugging dress, stay away from underwear with obvious lines and edges. Remember darling, no matter how gorgeous your dress is, when the wrong underwear sticks out, pretty turns to nasty!

Basic Wardrobe Malfunction

This is the time to enjoy our anonymity ladies. When we experience a wardrobe malfunction, we don’t have the paparazzi taking pictures of us for the whole world to see. We can deal with it discreetly without anyone knowing about our close call with fashion suicide. Piece of advice: Always bring double sided-tape and safety pins. They are life-savers!

13 Fashion Faux Pas To NEVER Be Caught In

Underdressed and Overdressed

In fashion, there is always that thin line that you don’t want to cross. For one, being underdressed for an event is not cool because that would either show that you didn’t prepare at all or just didn’t care about the dress code.

On the other hand, being overdressed can make it appear that you thought long and hard about what to wear. It can be a good thing, but if your outfit is too over-the-top, that can result to awkward stares…which are just plain…awkward!

The Monthly Visitor Stain

Can your day get any worse? You feel bloated. You feel like punching someone (please don’t). You feel like you just want to crawl back into your bed. Only to discover that you already have a period stain. First off, always have double protection when you have your period. And next, always bring a coat or sweater with you so you can cover it up when the unfortunate happens.

13 Fashion Faux Pas To NEVER Be Caught In

To See or Not To See

Unless it is your sincere intention to show your undies to the public, I consider this as one of the most embarrassing fashion fails in this list. Let me share a story with you, I was walking in the mall the other day when this girl caught my eyes. She was wearing a chiffon dress. At the bottom part, there was this thin layer meant to cover the underwear. But since I could see through it, that fabric – whatever it was – clearly didn’t do the only job it had.

I felt bad for her. I’m not sure if she knew that people could actually see her undies or if it was intentional. But either way, bared undies will garner tons of attention… but the kind you don’t want.

Now that was hilarious, wasn’t it? I’m getting a good laugh just remembering how many of these epic fashion fails I’ve gone through. But after a moment of reflection, I’m proud to say that I have survived and will keep on surviving! And now, you can too girl!

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