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5 DIY Heart-Shaped Necklaces Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for the perfect DIY necklaces you can give to your loved ones this Valentine’s day? We’ve listed 5 of the cutest DIY heart-shaped necklaces you can give as a gift or wear this Vday!

Forget candies, chocolates, flowers or store-bought jewelry! You can make your own necklace! Try any of these pretty DIY necklaces instead.

5 DIY Heart-Shaped Necklaces


1. Gold-Beaded Heart DIY Pendant Necklace

We love the gorgeous little heart glued onto the bright-turquoise pendant. This DIY jewelry isn’t only perfect on Valentine’s day. It will work all season with any of your favorite shirts or dresses.

5 DIY Heart-Shaped Necklaces Perfect for Valentine's Day

2. DIY Pom Pom Heart Necklace

This DIY necklace is perfect for any girly girl. It’s super trendy and colorful. You can also make this necklace for your little kid and she’ll absolutely love this.


3. Valentine Thumbprint Necklace

What’s not to love with this uber cute DIY Valentine necklace? These adorable thumbprint necklaces are made from oven-baked clay, pretty-colored paint and glitter!


4. DIY Beaded Heart Necklace

Jazz up your simple tee with this DIY Beaded Heart Necklace. Grab a bunch of white, black and pink beads with some gold wire and a chain.

5 DIY Heart-Shaped Necklaces Perfect for Valentine's Day

5. DIY Pixel Heart Necklace

This DIY heart necklace is simple, but makes a huge statement – it’s simply legotastic.


Here’s a video tutorial on making a Valentine Necklace from Ms Coquette:


Valentine’s Day would not be complete without hearts and reds. So try making these cute DIY valentine’s day necklaces to spice up your OOTD or give them as gifts!


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