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5 Fab Ways To Wear Your Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are very trendy in today’s fashion world. And if you’re like me, you have one too many in your jewelry arsenal. Luckily, statement necklaces are super useful in transforming your outfit – taking it from drab to fab in an instant!

Whether you want a simple, toned-down look or really want to make an entrance, we’ve got you covered. Read out to find out different ways to wear your favorites.

5 Ways to Wear Your Statement Necklace


1. Wear With V-Necks

Try throwing on a statement necklace with a v-neck top or dress. It adds more dimension to the outfit and fills in some of that empty space that may appear bland.

5 Fab Ways To Wear Your Statement Necklace

2. Layering

The more the merrier! Try mixing and matching different shapes and sizes for a look that is totally unique.

Tip: Pair a smaller necklace with a statement piece to give some balance or layer two chunky necklaces to draw attention.

5 Fab Ways To Wear Your Statement Necklace

3. Color Coordination

Take your outfit to the next level by coordinating your clothes with a statement necklace. Choose a necklace that matches the color palette you’re going with that day.

5 Fab Ways To Wear Your Statement Necklace

4. Add Sparkle

If you have a sparkling statement necklace, wear it next to an edgy zippered jacket or with brassy hardware for an edgy glam look. Try buttoning your color to the top for even more appeal.

5 Fab Ways To Wear Your Statement Necklace

5. The Ultimate Statement Necklace Guide:

With a statement necklace, you can dress up something simple and turn any boring and plain outfit into something that’s amazing!


For more style tips, check out this video from Susie Styles:


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