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Hot, Not or Meh? The American Music Awards 2015 Edition

This week, Hot, Not or Meh is taking on the American Music Awards 2015. 

Hot, Not or Meh?

Sure, the awards and performances were great, but what we’re really interested in are the red carpet details! Who wore what in the red carpet, who got it right, and, who failed horribly? It’s all here so let’s get ready to have some fun as we relive the best and worst looks of the night.


Let’s kick this off on a bright note with stars that did red carpet fashion right that night. Thankfully, more stars looked more HOT than NOT.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena wore a red sequined Givenchy dress that really looked sexy on her. She matched it with Tacori jewelry and Jimmy Choo shoes. Although I think that the silhouette of the dress could’ve been better, she still looked fierce. Bonus points for that sexy sleek hair and vampy makeup.

2. Gigi Hadid

Can Gigi even wear anything remotely hideous? I don’t think so as she could still manage to make a trash bag and burlap sack look like high fashion. Gigi awed us in this white number by Bao Tranchi. She completed her caged look with Tamara Mellon shoes, a Giuseppe Zanotti clutch, and a fake, but real-looking bob. Gigi has become our #1 favorite fashionista as every look she delivers is on point. We definitely look to her and little sister, Bella Hadid, for fashion inspo.

3. Kylie Jenner

Most of the time, I prefer Kendall’s fashion choices over Kylie’s. But on this night, I think Kylie dressed more appropriately for the event. She wore a black leather dress with chains from Bryan Hearns and matched it with gorgeous Tamara Mellon Shoes. This dress gave us sexy and edgy at the same time!

4. Hailee Steinfeld

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Hailee looked hot (but I’d really feel more comfortable saying “adorable”) in a Zuhair Murad shorts jumpsuit. Given her True Grit days, I’m a little shocked to see her looking so… grown up, but girl is rockin’ it! As much as I like the jumpsuit though, I can’t say I’m a fan of the makeup. Less would have really been more with this outfit.

5. Carrie Underwood

Carrie almost always gets it right on the red carpet. She consistently finds herself on the Best Dressed list in these events and, staying true to the norm, find herself on our Best Dressed list for the AMA’s. She wowed us with a pink gold dress by Elie Madi. It really looks like motherhood is treating Carrie well these days. Shine on, mama!

6. Zendaya

I wouldn’t normally praise looks like this on the red carpet—particularly the lace and embroidered stitch-look, but somehow, Zendaya took the risk and made it work! This pink number is from Emanuel Ungaro and her shoes were from Christian Louboutin. How wonderful are they? Zendaya looked like a Barbie doll that night which is why she’s on our HOT list.

7. Meghan Trainor

I like Meghan because she’s all about that bass and I’m all about that bass too! She looked so sexy that night wearing an all-black dress from Michael Costello. Like c’mon, she didn’t even show any skin and yet, she looked fantastic! Her curves and confidence definitely said it all.

8. Ellie Goulding

Ellie surprised me with this dress from the Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture collection. Frankly, I didn’t like what she wore to the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but she redeemed herself with this slinky number. Although a bit short and revealing (it is the AMA’s after all), Ellie managed to make the dress look classy in an edgy way. Also, can we just address how great those shoes are? #lovingit

9. Paula Abdul

Hey, girl! Long time, no see. Talk about a woman who never seems to age, right? Paula’s come a long way from her “Let’s Get Physical” days and has managed to look amazing every step of the way. She looks so good with this sexy sequined-black dress and gold choker it’s hard to believe she’s only 53 years old! Although, we should know by now that age ain’t nothing but a number. While Paula doesn’t always get her red carpet look right (remember this?), she hit it out of the park with this dress.

10. Ciara

Oh, Ciara, you slay me. I love, love, love this dress! It’s one of my personal favorites as the details and patterns scream sexy, baroque elegance. I SO wish this lived in my closet.

10. Julianne Hough

Another personal favorite is this dress Julianne Hough wore from Naeem Khan. The colors are lovely and the design is just exquisite. Julianne wore Lorraine Schwartz and Ofira earrings to match the dress impeccably. The only thing I don’t dig? The shoes, but oh well.

11. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone totally got a grip with this stunning dress. She is an absolute icon and while she probably won’t read this, I still want to say that I LOVED YOU IN CLUELESS! She was so beautiful in that movie and has only gotten better with age. Alicia wore a Christian Siriano dress, which I think looks absolutely fabulous! Gold, silver and black are always a lethal combination!

12. Karreuche Tran

The girl whose name I have to check thrice when typing — Karrueche Tran looked hot in her black see-through and sequined dress. I’m also loving the hairstyle and bangs. This little lady made Christina Milan look like the red carpet amateur here, but hey, there’s always next time!

13. Giuliana Rancic

I must admit, after the controversy that pretty much made her leave Fashion Police, I’m no longer a fan of Giuliana, but if I have to be objective here, I’d say her dress was on point! It’s a really unique design and I like the paint splatter details (inspired by Jackson Pollack maybe?).

14. Bailee Madison

Bailee may not have been one of the biggest names that night, but she sure left the biggest impression! I am digging her red carpet dress! It’s simple, yet sexy enough to where it’s still age-appropriate. I could totally see myself wearing this dress and shoes — especially those shoes. Keep it up, girl!

14. Keltie Knight

One of the few dresses that made me do a double-take that night was Keltie Knight’s dress. No one else wore emerald green, which is just one reason why she stood out from the crowd. While this dress may look like a quilted winter jacket to the untrained eye, it is sporting some serious skill and detail. It’s safe to say that Keltie rocked it!

15. Danica McKellar

Danica wore a princess-y dress at the AMA’s and while it was a little too prom-ish for the event, she looked absolutely beautiful. It fit her well and the color blended perfectly with her skin tone and dark features. More than that, I’m quite in love with the design.

16. Jennifer Lopez

The host of the night, Jennifer Lopez, changed into 11 outfits that night and this dress from Michael Cinco is by far my favorite! This dress is literally to die for. The ombre dye is perfect and the glitter, crystals and details made this dress extra special. While it wasn’t a red carpet look, it deserves honorable (maybe even first place?) mention!


With all the beautiful looks that night, it’s hard to fathom that some looks could be… not as desirable. Here’s a look at what wasn’t so hot at the American Music Awards:

1. Gwen Stefani

Okay Gwen, we know you’re smitten with Blake (seriously, who saw that coming?), so I expected you to wear something better than this. Much better than this. This is one of those moments when I really don’t understand what goes on in the mind of a celebrity. You have access to anything you want and you chose… this? Did she want to be a bat because Halloween is over. Maybe next year, Gwen. We hope.

2. Chloë Grace Moretz

Okay, I love Chloë, let me just throw that out there but there was too much and too little going on with this outfit at the same time. The Saint Lauren LBD was much too underwhelming for the AMA’s, but even if she had decided to stick with that was the choker and hair clip necessary? It’s as if the 90s tried to time travel and crash a party in 2015. No bueno.

3. Ashley Benson

There are women who can do androgynous really well, but Ashley isn’t one of them. I’m sorry, Ashley, but are you going to an interview after this? If so, it’s 5 blocks up and to the right, please. You’re at an awards show, for crying out loud!

4. Rebel Wilson

Rebel, girl, I love you and I love your humor… but this dress? I’m rebelling against it! I think there are plenty of dresses out there that would flatter you more. Basically, every other dress but this one.

5. Demi Lovato

Demi’s dress received mixed reactions — some loved it, but obviously, I don’t. The hair and makeup are great (how very flapper of her), but the Lorena Sarbu dress, which seems to be a snake skin design, just doesn’t cut it for me. Better luck next time, Demi.

6. Kat Graham

Kat wore this white gown by Georges Chakra that night and it’s a total fail. I don’t see how this dress is appropriate for the American Music Awards. It looks like Kat is celebrating her debut or prom. …is that what’s going on?

7. Alanis Morisette

Isn’t it ironic that she would wear this dress? Don’t you think? Okay, bad jokes aside, I am such a fan of Alanis Morissette that this dress has caused an internal civil war that is tearing me up inside. Why, Alanis? Why?

8. Jenny McCarthy

Jenny wore a Versace red number to the AMA’s, but I think she misunderstood the theme of the event, mistaking it for an Austin Powers premiere. Sorry, Jenny, but you’re over 10 years too late.

9. Jeannie Mai

Dear Jeannie, I usually like your fashion choices but I think this one is better left worn for family gatherings or Christmas parties. But don’t worry, Christmas is around the corner so you can wear it again — the right way!

10. Christina Milan

I gave you a glimpse of what her dress looked like earlier and now, the verdict remains the same. I don’t know why Christina Milan chose this very simple dress which I could’ve made myself actually… but that’s why she landed on one of our NOT spots.


And now, we take a look at the red carpet looks that were neither hot, nor not…. but just MEH. These are looks that we didn’t care for, nor will we remember in a couple of days time.

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall made a lasting impression at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but I think she became complacent here. Her Oriette Domenech “dress” just looked like two yards of black satin pinned together at the back! And those bangs kinda sorta really make her look like Kris Jenner, which could be a compliment, but isn’t. Although I must say that those Balmain shoes are killer!

2. Hannah Davis

I was really torn with this one and still am. Hannah Davis wore a Naeem Khan dress and some would consider it a hit, but not for me. The turtleneck looked like she was wearing chain mail and I can not stop looking at what appears to be a bathing suit underneath. This look is better left to Game of Thrones characters than the red carpet.

3. Nina Dobrev

Oh Nina darling, you have one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, but this dress is forgettable and kinda makes me fall asleep just looking at it. Actually, I think the dress itself isn’t THAT bad, but I wish she took off that blazer. I’d much rather have those Rene Caovilla shoes instead.

4. Nicki Minaj

Hey Nicki, what’s good? Not the dress obviously. Ok, that’s harsh but this dress is totally forgettable, which is unfortunate because Nicki Minaj is obviously the least forgettable celebrity there is. I’ve seen her wear dresses like this in the past and I think Nicki should change it up a bit.

5. Ariana Grande

I don’t know what’s up with Ariana’s dress at the 2015 AMA Awards but it looks like someone took 3 different dresses and tried sewing them together in the dark. The result? A look we don’t really care for.

That was so much fun! We should do this more often, right? If I had to choose the 3 best looks, they would belong to Ciara, Julianne Hough and Jennifer Lopez.

Which were your favorites, ladies?

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