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Anti Aging Yoga Poses | 6 Postures For A Younger Face

Botox? Facelift? You might want to forget them for a while. Instead, try these simple and easy anti aging yoga poses.

Admit it, you don’t want to get old. I don’t! But it’s one of the most inevitable facts of life. What we can do is to age gracefully and without cosmetic treatments as much as possible. That’s why I’ve decided to share here some of my well-liked anti-aging yoga poses that can help delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as make you look refreshed and young every single day.

Anti Aging Yoga Poses | 6 Postures For A Younger Face

Anti Aging Yoga Poses To Fight Facial Lines

With these anti aging yoga poses, you can stop thinking about derma fillers and surgery for now:


1. Forehead Lift

The Forehead Lift intends to reduce the appearance of horizontal lines on the forehead, which may become more prominent when you furrow your brows or squint your eyes. To do this, pull the forehead muscles upward and move your eyebrows up and down for a few seconds.

Anti Aging Yoga Poses | 6 Postures For A Younger Face

2. Baby Bird

How do you avoid a saggy chin and neck? Do the Baby Bird. Lift your head to the ceiling while pressing the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Smile. Hold for at least 20 seconds.


3. Lion Face

Do you know that a human face has about 42 muscles? Can you just imagine how you’ll look in the future if, say, these muscles are always tense? You can reduce the tension by doing the Lion Face (which is sometimes called the Lion’s Breath). It means getting on all fours, then like a lion, open your mouth, stick your tongue out, open your eyes wide, and say, “Ha!”


4. The V

Taught by Danielle Collins, this is one of the anti aging yoga poses for the eyes as it reduces the sagginess and puffiness. To do this, create a around your eyes with your index finger applying pressure on the corners. Move your eyelids up while looking above. Relax the eyes. Repeat the process at least 6 times.

Anti Aging Yoga Poses | 6 Postures For A Younger Face

5. Fish Face

Got some chubby cheeks? You better suck it up. Form the Fish Face and keep it still for around 20 seconds.


Successive blinking for at least 15 to 20 seconds can actually help reduce the build-up of fluid around the eyes so they don’t look puffy. You can also delay the crow’s feet from showing.


Got three minutes? Learn 4 anti aging yoga poses with this video from Babble:

These anti aging yoga poses can be done anytime anywhere and as many times as you like. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you need to do more to make yourself look young. Eat right, exercise, do yoga, and, most of all, always smile. Be happy!


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