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8 Different Boots For Different Body Types

This fall and winter season, boots are a hot topic! I’m sure, just like me, you’ll be shopping around for the cutest boots you’ve ever laid eyes on. But how will you know if those pair of boots you’re eyeing is the right one for you?

8 Cute Boots For Different Body Types

If you don’t know this by now, not all boot types and styles will suit your body. One size definitely does not fit all, so when looking for boots, you have to consider your weight, body frame and shape. While you do have the freedom to wear any pair of boots you want, wouldn’t you prefer wearing a pair that flatters you?

We break down the perfect pair of boots for the different body types there are in the world. Want to find out which boots were made for you? Of course you do, so let’s get started!

1. Are You Petite?

8 Different Boots For Different Body Types

For women with small body frames, the best pair of boots should give you the illusion of added height. However, this will still depend on how lengthy your legs are.

Are you a petite woman with longer legs? If so, go for over-the-knee booties. On the other hand, if you have shorter legs, going for ankle boots will be better for you as it will give the illusion of length for your legs.

Always pick booties with heels for that extra height. Also, pick pointed-toe boots as it makes the legs appear longer too.

2. Are You Athletic?

8 Different Boots For Different Body Types

For women with muscular legs, you really don’t need to hide those muscles. In fact, you should show the world what you’ve been working hard for.

The best pair of boots will be ankle boots with heels. The heels helps make the calf muscles look more contracted. Meanwhile, your legs are available for show thanks to the low-cut.

3. Are You Boyish?

If you have a rectangular body where you have more angles than curves, you will need a pair of boots with stiletto heels. The thin heels give a feminine appeal to your body and it looks stunning on women with thin calves too. However, if you’re feeling more girly, go for boots with embellishments.

4. Do You Have An Hourglass Figure?

8 Different Boots For Different Body Types

If you got that sexy hourglass figure, you will need to add edge to those curves. Cone-heeled boots are the recommended pair because they will complement your curves. When it comes to height, you can go all out here. You can even go for platform cone-heel boots if that rocks your boat. Pointed or rounded-toe? Go for the rounded-toe.

5. Are You Slender?

You are blessed, girlfriend! This is the body type that can pull off any type and style of boots. But do you want to know what’s best for you? You will never ever go wrong with over-the-knee-high booties. That’s your bread and butter. Not only does it emphasize your length, but the knee-high boots will give your hips the illusion of curviness.

6. Are You A Pear?

Pear-shaped and plus-sized women must always go for a pair of boots with an elongating effect. Pear-shaped women tend to be heavier around the hips and legs, which is why you need to wear boots with the right height!

Calf-length boots are a no-no! It will make you look more stumpy. Your holy grail? Knee-length boots to make your legs appear longer. Also, it’s best to go for boots with a solid color.

More tips: Look for a pull-on boot that is tight at the ankles. Plus, stacked-heeled booties will look great on you.

7. Are You A Heart?

8 Different Boots For Different Body Types

I actually invented the heart-shaped body, but I think it best describes women who are heavier on the shoulders and chest but thin and slender on the leg area. Wedged booties are the best for your body shape. The chunky boots help create balance to even things out.

8. Are You Tall?

Second to having a slender body, being tall also exempts you from the rules of boot wearing. Yes, you can practically wear any type of boot you like. However, I would suggest that you let your natural height show by wearing flat boots instead. As for the style? The sky’s the limit, girl!

This post has actually helped me in a lot of ways too. I was used to simply shopping for boots that I fancied, but this fall and winter, I’m going to be a smart boots shopper! Yey! What about you, was this guide helpful?

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