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7 Prettiest Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls | Wedding Checklists

Flower girls with pretty braided hairstyles are just about the sweetest thing you can see coming down the aisle (aside from the gorgeous bride, of course!) Once you have the perfect flower girl dress picked out, consider completing their look with a dainty braided hairstyle.  Get inspired by these ideas!

Flower girls are the cutest little darlings you’ll see on your wedding day! These girls are more than just cute little feet cruising down the aisle wearing mini replicas of the bride’s dress. They could light up any room because they are so adorable! As much as you want your bridesmaids to look perfect, you also want the same for your cute little flower girls. So I’ve gathered 7 braided hairstyles below for them to wear on your big day!

7 Prettiest Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls | Wedding Checklists

Find the Most Charming Braided Hairstyle to Complement Your Cute Little Flower Girls

Your wedding is one the greatest days of your life, so it goes without saying that every detail must be polished and perfect. From your bridal shoes and makeup to the music that you dance to, there are endless exciting possibilities to choose from—which makes planning all the more fun! One such detail that is sure to bring a smile to your face is your flower girl’s attire, from her dress down to her adorable hairstyle. Braided hairstyles have always been popular for flower girls, and with good reason, too—they are dressy and festive, but definitely do their part in keeping your little darlings’ hair neat and tidy. Look at these seven sassy styles and maybe you’ll find the perfect braided hairstyle for your flower girl!


1. Basic Single Braid

Sweet and simple, this single braided hairstyle is fuss-free and perfect for any length and thickness of hair. Finish the look with a polished bow or ribbon matching your wedding’s color motif.

7 Prettiest Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls | Wedding Checklists

2. Double French Braid

These elegant French braids are pulled out slightly puffy and undone, lending a more relaxed vibe. This would be amazing for an outdoor or garden wedding. You can add a flower tucked into either tail as the perfect finishing touch.



3. Flower Crown Braided Hairstyle

A flower crown is an obvious choice for a flower girl, but have you ever seen a flower crown made out of braids? This quirky and unique braided hairstyle adds a definite boho touch to your flower girl’s ensemble.

4. Rope Braid Ponytail

What little girl wouldn’t love this? This intricate braided hairstyle would look amazing in the photos!

7 Prettiest Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls | Wedding Checklists

5. Braided Buns

Neat and pulled together, but definitely an adorable look for your flower girl!

7 Prettiest Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls | Wedding Checklists

6. Low French Braid Updo

It doesn’t get more princess-like than this elegant and regal loose updo composed of French braids. An updo keeps hair off of your flower girl’s face and neck, too, so it’s definitely a great choice when your wedding is in the warmer months or in an outdoor setting!


7. Upside Down Braided Bun

This high ballerina bun with an upside down braid is a popular favorite on Pinterest, and with good reason too. This braided hairstyle is simple yet very classy, and your flower girl will adore twirling around in her dress like a ballet dancer!


Hoping to get inspired by a great tutorial? Watch this easy-to-follow video by Babes in Hairland:

Depending on the style you choose, braided hairstyles on your flower girls can be everything from formal to whimsical. But one thing’s for sure: They are sure to love their look, and look simply adorable on your big day! Do you have any more ideas for super cute flower girl hairstyles? Let us know in the comments below.


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