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DIY Bright Yellow Cap Toe Heels | Cute Outfits

Planning to buy a fashionable pair of new shoes? Save money for another pair while we teach you how to DIY cap toe heels

DIY Bright Yellow Cap Toe Heels

Neon colors are the go-to trend of the season. If you’re looking to buy a new pair of shoes, hold tight as we teach you how to revamp an old pair with this DIY Cap Toe Heels tutorial from A Pair and a Spare.

What You’ll Need

Step 1

First, you’ll want to tape your shoes. Use the masking tape to demarcate the cap toe.

Tip: Make sure to press hard on the edges of the masking tape to get a clean, nice paint on your cap toe.

Step 2

Apply white paint as the base and let it dry for a few hours.

Step 3

Now take your yellow paint and do a couple of coats. Don’t overdo this step to avoid cracking when you take off the masking tape.

Step 4

Don’t wait until the paint is completely dry. Remove the tape while the paint is still slightly moist, then put aside to dry overnight.


You’ve just made a chic and fab pair of cap toe heels!

The most challenging part is making sure you do a good job taping, but otherwise, this DIY project is super easy and instantly gratifying!

Wearing bright shoes or heels can jazz up your outfit. For more tips on how to incorporate neon shoes into your OOTD, check out this article.

For the same look on pointed pumps, watch the tutorial by POPSUGAR below.

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