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Hot Hair Color Alert! These Celebrities are as Hot as Summer with Their Pink Hair

Can you pull off a funky pink hair this season? Well, these celebrities just did! Discover who these fashion risk-takers are as you read this article.

Hot Hair Color Alert! These Celebrities are as Hot as Summer with Their Pink Hair

If having a blonde or brown hair color is too common for a sultry day, these stars just scored in the bandwagon of the sunny season.

A number of celebrities have been experimenting with a standout and vibrant, PINK hair color in exchange of their typical locks.  Aside from #bodygoals for the beach weather, it looks like these personalities are also after #hairgoals, too! Who went bold and edgy with this hair color? Check them out below:


1. Elle Fanning

A photo posted by Elle Fanning (@ellefanning) on

Aside from her busy schedule of promoting her horror film, The Neon Demon, Elle Fanning dyed her natural blonde hair into a dusty rose-tinted color — gorgeous for the summer season! Aside posting her new look on Instagram, she was also spotted at the airport when she arrived at LAX in her sporty ensemble and of course, her pink hair.


2. Shirley Manson

It’s bye-bye time for her red locks! The Garbage singer, Shirley Manson, is set for a self-discovery. Her first step was to adopt a new hairdo which is a hot candy pink — an electrifying bright neon look! I believe there’s no age limit for hair color experiments and she proves it well, girls! Rock on!


3. Michelle McManus

On for a battle of slimming down, Michelle McManus shows off her hair in an interview on ITV’s Lorraine. The former Pop Idol champ was stunning in her vibrant, gummy pink hair color. Getting the spotlight again, she also confirmed that she will be tying a knot next year with her fiance, thus shedding off some unwanted fats is a real goal. Her hair could be a cutie inspiration while sweating out, right?


4. Tori Spelling

A photo posted by Tori Spelling (@torispelling) on

She’s finally done with her California girl image. With an ombre effect of pastel pink shade, Tori Spelling admits that she’s filled with excitement in her new look for summer. From dull blonde to charming rose tint, she’ll surely love doing hair flips even more.


5. Chris Brown

As a tagline goes, real men wear pink. It seems like Chris Brown is man enough (and hot, too!) to have pink cornrows as his new hairstyle, right? In his Instagram account, Chris Brown ‘launched’ his first picture in his pink hairstyle matched with a pink hoodie. What’s more rocking about his look is its snake-like braid across the top of his head (instead of the usual front-to-back braid.) Stylish as ever, Chris Brown appears to be owning this look like there’s no tomorrow!


How to dye your hair and make it a dynamic, loud pink color? Watch this video from Suzy Osborne:

Isn’t this striking hair color a must-try for the summer season? Whether you want to breathe fresh life into your hair color or just simply looking for a completely new look, going for a pink hair will make you rock summer even more! Don’t forget to strike a pose!


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