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13 Christmas Costumes For Your Holiday Party

Clueless about what costume to wear to an upcoming holiday party? I’ve got a list of costumes just for you!

Once Holiday season strikes there are 3 things that always come to mind, shopping, food, and parties– tons and tons of parties! With these Holiday parties comes a season of Holiday party fashion as well, including costumes! You’re prolly sick of costumes by now since Halloween has just ended but hear me out. You don’t want to wear the same costume in a Christmas party–especially if you sported a zombie costume. You need a Holiday party-appropriate costume!

Be Ready For Your Holiday Party With These Christmas Costumes

I’m a huge fan of dressing up in costumes so I’m always one to go all out when it comes to attending a holiday party. I love seeing all my friends in different Christmas outfits. We’d even get so competitive sometimes that we’d give prizes to the best-dressed people of the night. After all, who says costumes only have to be there for Halloween?

If you’ve got a holiday party coming up, I’ve got just the thing for you! Below is a list of my favorite go-to Christmas costumes. Take your pick and show me a photo of how yours turn out to be!


13 Christmas Costumes For Your Holiday Party

1. Belle of the Ball

If you’ve got an old ball gown stored at the back of your closet, then this costume will be a cinch! The Belle of the Ball usually has all eyes on her the entire night. So savor the attention, turn up your charm, and flash everyone your winning smile.

This gold tassel earrings from Mason & Ivy is just perfect for this gown!

2. Winter Fairy

I’ve always thought of winter fairies as the nicer version of an ice queen. If you’re the resident nice girl in your group, this costume might just be up your alley.

13 Christmas Costumes For Your Holiday Party

3. Candy Cane Cutie

The key to this costume is mastering the red and white stripes that the candy cane is famous for. Whether you find the pattern in socks, a shirt, or a dress, this costume is bound to make everyone craving for a sweet treat.

4. Ice Queen

Feeling fierce? Up your highlighter game and be the Ice Queen in this year’s holiday party. Dress up in a structured white outfit and don’t forget to put on your crown — no Queen is complete without it.

5. Santa’s Little Elf

Santa’s little helper makes an appearance this holiday season. If you and your friends are keen, you could even go as a group of elves. You ladies will look so adorable in your photos for sure!

13 Christmas Costumes For Your Holiday Party

6. Ms. Claus

For one night, Ms. Claus is in charge of the naughty and nice list. This means she gets to play game master for all of the night’s activities. I wonder what tricks she’ll have up her sleeve! Feeling intrigued? Why don’t you dress up as her for the holiday party?

7. Whimsical Reindeer

Make reindeers look chic with a DIY headband. All you need is a spare headband, two branches, some paint, and a couple of flowers to decorate. Who knows? Your look could be the next Snapchat filter!

13 Christmas Costumes For Your Holiday Party

8. Christmas PJs

Nothing says Christmas morning like your favorite holiday pajamas, snug slippers, and a mug of hot cocoa — or if you’re like me, a mug of homemade pumpkin spice latte.  This is one of the easiest and comfiest costumes ever, which makes it one of my favorites to date!

9. Christmas Ornaments

Put your extra Christmas ornaments to good use by turning it into your next holiday party outfit. Take out your handy dandy glue gun and begin positioning the ornaments to your liking. You can even add a bit of tinsel to round off the look.

13 Christmas Costumes For Your Holiday Party

10. Snow Woman

DIY this costume by cutting shapes and taping (or sewing, if you can) them onto an old white sweater. You can choose to either wear the carrot nose on your face, or just have it on the sweater. My advice is to do the latter. It just makes everything so much easier since you wouldn’t have to fuss around with your face too much.

With just less than $50 you’ll get this Hadley black fringe booties from Mason & Ivy.

11. Gingerbread Lady

I’m a huge fan of gingerbread so the first time I wore this as a costume, I was freaking out with glee. Be warned though. If you decide to wear this, you absolutely need to bring a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies to share with everyone. It would be a crime not to do so.

12. Citizen of Whoville

Love playing with your hair? Get a can of hairspray ready and take a spin on the hairdos of the Whoville citizens. They’re stylish and make for a fantastic conversation starter.

13 Christmas Costumes For Your Holiday Party

13. The Christmas Tree

Want to go all out? Then be one of Christmas’ very symbols itself. I assure you, everyone who dons this costume almost always wins best costume of the holiday party. You’d be the most loved person that night for sure.

Want a Christmas costume that lights up? Check out Angela Clayton’s video!

There you have it, ladies! Those are my best picks for Christmas costumes. They’re a broad bunch ranging from whimsical characters to DIY ready outfits. The common factor is that they’re all pretty — just like you! I really do love these ensembles so much so I hope you find one to your pleasing for the next holiday party coming up! Wishing you a great party ahead, ladies!

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