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Cleaning Out Your Closet | 10 Purchases That Will Get Your Closet Organized ASAP

Hi ladies, it’s time for you to start cleaning out your closet in time for the New Year! I know you’ve only got a few days left, but don’t panic! I’ve got a couple of tips and tricks up my sleeve that will give you a neat and organized closet, leaving you with more room for your future purchases in 2017. I’m already getting so excited thinking for all the new trends and forecasts for the year!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Cleaning Out Your Closet 101 | Closet Organization Ideas

Don’t you just love a good closet purge? Not only does it give you more closet space, but it also makes dressing up an easier experience. An organized closet means never having to rummage through piles of clothes and tangles of accessories because you’d already know where they’d be in the first place.

Cleaning out your closet also puts you in a better mood. The more organized your surroundings are, the more focused and happier you’ll be. So in a nutshell, you won’t just be ridding yourself of things you don’t need and don’t have any use for, but you’ll also be putting yourself in a happier mental state. Win win!

Ready to start, ladies? Here are a couple of must buys to give you the organized closet you deserve.

1. Necklace Hook

Trust me when I say that I know how it feels when necklaces get all mixed up. I’ve spent a good hour or two trying to untangle all of mine before and it wasn’t a pretty sight. To avoid situations like these, try investing in a necklace hook just like these from Urban Outfitters. It’s pretty, it’s pink, and it keeps all the knots away!

Cleaning Out Your Closet | 10 Purchases That Will Get Your Closet Organized ASAP

2. Shelf Dividers

Don’t forget to get some of these when you start cleaning out your closet. They can be found at your favorite home stores, or right here on Amazon. These shelf dividers make organizing such a breeze!

3. Earrings on a Chain

In the past, I’d tend to lose dangling earrings a lot because I’d leave them scattered all over in a drawer somewhere. Now though, I know that all I need is a chain to solve my lost-earring woes. All I have to do is simply insert the hook of the earring through one of the holes. That’s it!

Cleaning Out Your Closet | 10 Purchases That Will Get Your Closet Organized ASAP

4. Clutch Organizer

Clear magazine holders are my go to pieces for storing all my clutches. They’re easy to see and a cinch to organize according to the clutch’s style. Grab one from Amazon here.

5. Clothes Hamper

When cleaning out your closet, you’ll find that a clothes hamper is incredibly important. Believe me when I say that you’ll understand this once you begin removing the dirty clothes all over your bedroom floor.

Cleaning Out Your Closet | 10 Purchases That Will Get Your Closet Organized ASAP

6. Ladder Shoe Shelf

I love my shoes. Just looking at them brings a smile to my face. If you feel the same way, I highly suggest getting an open shoe shelf. You can put your most favorite pairs out on display and can even organize them according to type or color, whichever you prefer.

7. Clothing Rack

I’ve learned that looking at a clothing rack does wonders whenever I need inspiration for an outfit to wear.

A clothing rack is also where I hang my newly bought purchases. It helps remind me not too hoard too much during sale seasons.

8. Hanging Closet Organizers

Want more shelf space in your closet without having a carpenter build one from scratch? Run over to the store and get some hanging closet organizers. They’ll save you the trouble of woodwork and will give you the freedom of hanging it wherever you please.

Cleaning Out Your Closet | 10 Purchases That Will Get Your Closet Organized ASAP

9. Nail Polish Organizer

This is one of my major finds when it comes to organization. Clear cases such as these do wonders for my nail polish bottles because I’m able to see the colors without having to scour through each one of them. It’s definitely made painting my nails a much easier experience.

10. Sunnies Holder

This is one of my favorite DIY projects ever because I love how it instantly gives an Instagram vibe to my room. #priorities

All I’ve done is repurpose an old shelf from a garage sale, coat it with a fresh layer of paint, and then hang some string. It’s that simple!

Looking for more closet organization tips? Check out this video from Vasseur Beauty.

Ladies, these last few days of 2016, it’s out with the old and in with the new! So start cleaning out your closet, rid yourself of all things you don’t need, and get ready for a more organized and fabulous new year ahead!

Cheers to a happy 2017!

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