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Best Looks from Coachella Weekend 2

Coachella Weekend 2 is now over, but the memories we made will last us a lifetime. Just as important as the artists who performed are the looks sported by celebrities and festival goers alike. Let’s relive the memories by reliving the best looks of Coachella Weekend 2! Ready? 

Best Looks from Coachella Weekend 2

Every year, Coachella brings out the best and newest in fashion. Actually, erase that, Coachella brings out the boldest and most courageous looks in the fashion world. Because it’s a music festival, there’s more wiggle-room in regards to the looks you can create. Outlandish, colorful and loud fashion statements are encouraged. While flower crowns and crocheted tops are king, Coachella is also the time to see new, inspiring fashion trends unseen anywhere else. Even on the runway.

The looks from this year’s Coachella Weekend 2 will go down in history. Are you ready to relive them?

1. Boho

Best Looks from Coachella Weekend 2

Boho fashion will always be a part of Coachella. This music festival lives and breaths boho fashion, making it a mecca for free-spirited, Free People-loving fashionistas.

2. Crochet

In Coachella Weekend 2, there was a lot of crochet fashion that was both chic, sexy, and free!

3. No Pants

Off with the pants! The women of Coachella have spoken and pants-less is the way to be. It was a huge trend this past weekend. I wonder if it will take flight anywhere else. No-Pants Thursdays!

4. Swimsuits

Along with the no-pants look, the women of Coachella dressed like they were ready to dive into a pool at any second. Sexy swimsuits could be seen at every corner of the festival. They were either worn with pants or as bodysuits.

5. A Tribute to Prince

To celebrate the musical legend that was Prince, festival goers wore his Symbol. This is sure to be a look we’ll see throughout the summer.

6. Sheer Dresses

Best Looks from Coachella Weekend 2

Sheer dresses at Coachella isn’t a shocker, but they’re always so gorgeous to see. A sheer dress adds much more drama to a look; that, coupled with the energy of Coachella is enough to take any sheer dress into #covet status.

7. Male Fashion

It’s time we give credit where credit is due. It can be tough for men’s fashion to get any attention at all during festival season, but that changes today because we’re highlighting the crazy, insanely-stylish looks above from the men of Coachella. (New Tumblr alert!)

This multi-colored crochet dress from the H&M Loves Coachella collection has become the Official Coachella Dress of 2016. We first saw them in Weekend 1 and they made a reappearance in Weekend 2. We wonder what the official dress of next year’s festival will be…

9. All Black

Best Looks from Coachella Weekend 2

While there was color abound in Coachella, there were still those that stuck to the classic all-black outfit. These looks fit the occasion and stand out because of their edge factor.

10. White Crochet

Whenever there’s darkness (black), there is also light (white). The contrast between all-black and all-white outfits highlights the diversity in Coachella fashion. While black looks edgy, all-white is both demure and sexy.

11. Patterns

What’s our favorite pattern to wear? Florals, of course! If florals weren’t worn, other crazy patterns and prints were, like the look on the right.

12. Weird Fashion

To cap off our list, we’re spotlighting those that took Coachella fashion to another weird level. Strange as they may look, they’re still some of our favorite looks from Coachella Weekend 2!

Did you go to Coachella this year? What were your festival outfits? Share them with other readers in the comments below or via Facebook!

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