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How To Contour The Face | Makeup Tutorial


Do you want to contour your face like the makeup pros? There’s nothing more sexy than strong, symmetrical features. But as humans, hardly any of us are perfectly symmetrical! So to help you app up your already lovely features, we are hear today to teach you the wonderful art of contouring. I’m sure you’ve seen complicated videos on how to contour the face that might have scared you away from even trying, but never fear! These quick tips are general, simple, and complimentary to every face. Let’s get started!

How To Contour The Face | Makeup Tutorial

Supplies you will need for perfect contouring:

  • Cosmetic Sponge
  • Brown Cream Foundation (find as neutral of product as possible, too much red will look unnatural)
  • Large Soft Bristle Eyeshadow Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Translucent Powder
  • Wax Paper
  • Palette Knife

Step 1: Micro pigments

How To Contour The Face | Makeup Tutorial

The key to believable contouring is using micro amounts of pigment. Using too much color at a time can make it difficult to blend, and ultimately unbelievable to the eye. Start with a flawless foundation application (featured in part one of the Fresh Face Series!) then palette out a small amount of the brown cream foundation on to your wax paper. Pat your cosmetic sponge into the product until you’ve picked up a small amount. Before applying, dab the sponge on a clear area of the wax paper to remove excess, again, we want MICRO amounts.

Step 2: Get beautiful and high cheekbones

To create a beautifully high and symmetrical cheekbone, we are going to imagine a line from the top of our earlobe to the corner of the mouth. Divide that line in half, and that’s where you will be placing the contouring color. If you continue the shading too far toward the corner of the mouth, the shading will look too gaunt. In a stippling motion, apply the foundation in the previously mentioned area, starting from the ear and blending lightly downward. Continue to pat the sponge into the skin until there are no harsh lines, and finish by setting with a translucent powder.

Step 3: The nose knows!

Ah, the nose. Easily the most dominant feature of our faces, the nose plays a big role in our appearance! To create a perfect nose, we are going to use something called a “dry brush technique.” Dip the eyeshadow brush in the contour color, and like before, remove the excess on the clean wax paper. Where will we shadow you ask? Look at the width of the bridge of your nose just between your eyes. From this area we will create parallel shadows on either side of the nose, all the way to the tip, to create a thin, even nose. Apply with the brush in small circular motions, blending outward. For extra blending, wipe the brush clean with a tissue and repeat until no lines are present. When finished, set with translucent powder.

Certainly more could be said about the complex art of contouring, but for small everyday corrections, a little contouring will go a long way! And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! So practice your contouring and don’t get discouraged, you’ll thank yourself later for it! Don’t miss all of our latest and greatest makeup tips right here on YSP. Did we miss something important? Make sure to leave your comments in the comments section below! Your feedback is really important to us. The more tutorials you suggest, the more likely we are to do posts like that in the future. Check out all of our DIY makeup tutorials, beauty hacks, hair tips, wedding ideas, and so much more! At You’re So Pretty we pride ourselves on delivering you the most groundbreaking beauty products and videos on the market! Check out out on Facebook and Pinterest! Thanks and we’ll be seeing you again!

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How To Contour Your Face

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