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13 Cute Green Outfits You Definitely Can’t Resist

Greenery is 2017’s Pantone color of the year, how fitting for spring! It’s time to stock up on cute green outfits! Read on for style inspiration to add pops of green to your wardrobe.

13 Different Ways To Rock Cute Green Outfits

Honestly, I wasn’t very excited when Greenery was first announced as this year’s Pantone color. I hardly had any green outfits in my wardrobe, because I thought you always ran the risk of looking like a garden when you’re in head-to-toe green. But then I realized that maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right places. After all, truly stylish girls can make anything look great with the right trick. So I’ve made it my mission this year to look for inspiring, stylish, and cute green outfits! What better way to ring in spring? Read on to see some of my top picks so far:


1. Co-Ords

An interesting print is one way to keep your green outfits from looking too garden-like. If you have the right design like this green animal print, you can even go all the way with co-ords!

13 Cute Green Outfits You Definitely Can't Resist

2. Florals

On the other hand, what’s so bad about looking like a garden? Embrace it and usher in the new season! Floral prints are a no-fail way to rock green looks.


3. Workwear-Ready

Sneak some green into your work looks! Geometric prints or color blocked items can act as your statement pieces to give your work basics a new and trendy lease of life.


4. Summery Prints

It’s never too early for a bit of summery sunshine, if you ask me. Green is a summer color that often gets overlooked in favor or yellow or bright blue, but I think it needs a moment in the spotlight too! Rock your green outfits with prints like palm trees, all year ’round.

13 Cute Green Outfits You Definitely Can't Resist

5. Girly

Vibrant green isn’t exactly the first shade you think of when you mention girly looks. But it actually looks really good with pops of feminine pink! Rock a dress like this pink floral one and you’ll stand out for all the right reasons. I’d wear this to all my Spring parties if I could!


6. Edgy

Pick a more subdued shade of green (but not drab!) and wear it in trendier, more cosmopolitan cuts. A mini dress and boots is an edgy combo I’m definitely trying out for myself!


7. Maxi Dresses

Color can give your wardrobe staples a trendy upgrade—maxi dresses included! I love this deep shade of green as well, it’s a bit on the bluish side.

13 Cute Green Outfits You Definitely Can't Resist

8. With Basics

Green can act as your pop of color in basic outfits. This black pants and white shirt combo got a stylish twist just by adding a green poncho!


9. Ruffles

I love mixing and matching trends! Ruffles are big at the moment, so why not take it to the next level with a touch of green? I keep seeing green and black looks, and I think they’re ultra-chic!


10. Trendy

Speaking of trends, I’m convinced this cool-girl outfit got even better thanks to the green crop top. It blends right into the rest of the look!


13 Cute Green Outfits You Definitely Can't Resist11. Green on Green

If you’re going to wear a trend, you might as well go all the way, right? I think part of elegance and dressing with style is having conviction and confidence in what you’re wearing. So don’t hold back!


12. Lime Green

In need of a colorful pick-me-up? Swap the deep green shades for a bright, funky lime green. Keep the rest of our outfit clean, crisp, and basic for a stylish yet fun look.

13 Cute Green Outfits You Definitely Can't Resist

13. Upgraded Neutrals

If you’re not big on experimenting with color, green is an unexpected addition to your neutral color palette. This Spring, swap your earthy brown neutrals with easy on the eyes green. You can even wear it from head to toe! I’ve got my eye on those super cute green bow shoes.


Watch this video for more cute green outfits:

Thanks to inspiration like these, I went from not loving the green trend to being a complete believer. We’ve got an entire year to try new and fun green outfits! How will you wear this year’s Pantone color? Share your OOTDs and style tips with me in the comments below!

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