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11 Irresistibly Cute Professional Outfits For Summer

The best thing about working over the summer is all the cute professional outfits you’ll be wearing! Summer fashion is all about having fun, even if you’re working.

Don’t think cute professional outfits for summer can be fun and stylish? Think again. Most work clothes are too hot for summer. There’s a lot of layering, tight pants, structured jackets, and dark colors. So how do you transition your work wardrobe to summer? Just skip a few unnecessary layers, pick lighter and brighter colors, and rock looser fabrics and silhouettes. We all love a cute floral print or a luxurious silk shirt. Read on for irresistibly cute professional summer outfits you’ll want to wear to work all year long.

11 Irresistibly Cute Professional Outfits For Summer

You’ll Want To Wear These Outfits All Year Long

Refresh your cute professional outfits for summer with bright and cool (literally) takes on both classic work silhouettes and trendy pieces. Yes, you can wear crop tops to work! Keep scrolling to see how.


1. Culottes

I’m so glad culottes are back in style, because they’re definitely go-to pieces for  cute professional outfits this summer! Not only are they stylish, they’ll keep you cool all summer long.

11 Irresistibly Cute Professional Outfits For Summer

2. The Little Black Dress

Every girl owns at least one little black dress, simply because it’s so versatile. The versatility of an LBD extends to professional outfits for summer, too. Pick one in a lighter fabric, that way you can wear long sleeves to work despite the scorching heat.

11 Irresistibly Cute Professional Outfits For Summer

3. Black And White

Regardless of which pieces you wear, black and white is a timeless and office-appropriate color palette that works for any season. For summer, experiment with crop tops and flowing skirts.


4. Pastel Colors

You’re not limited to neutrals when it comes to cute professional outfits for this summer. Try pastel colors like blush pink or even this year’s Pantone colors.

11 Irresistibly Cute Professional Outfits For Summer

5. Silk Shirts

Silk shirts are must-haves for your cute professional outfits. They’re lightweight so you’ll stay cool, but they’re dressy enough to wear to the office. Pair it with loose pants and a cute bag, and you’re good to go.


6. Pops of Color

This season is all about bright pops of color, so incorporate that into your cute professional outfits this summer as well! A bright red skirt is a chic touch to an all-black work outfit.


7. Eyelet Blouses

Eyelet blouses are synonymous with summer style, and you can definitely wear them to work as well! Choose eyelet blouses in more work-friendly silhouettes like a classic button down shirt.


8. Floral Dresses

Pair your floral dresses with your favorite work blazers for super easy cute professional outfits for summer.

11 Irresistibly Cute Professional Outfits For Summer

9. Light Blazers

Skip the structured jackets this summer and look for thinner fabrics and more laid-back silhouettes.


10. Front Slit Skirts

Are slits appropriate cute professional outfits for summer? They are if you style them right. Pick one in a neutral color like black, in a longer maxi length, and then pair with any of your office button down shirts.

11 Irresistibly Cute Professional Outfits For Summer

11. All White

As long as you choose classic silhouettes like high-waisted pants or jumpsuits, you can definitely pull off all-white for work this summer.


Watch this video from Paula Joye to see more cute professional outfits:


Who can resist these cute professional outfits for summer? You’ll definitely be the trendiest, coolest girl at work this season.


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