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10 Cute Spring Pastel Outfits For 2016

It’s hard to not think spring is the best season ever when it’s the only season you can wear pastel outfits. All the pastel outfits. 

10 Cute Spring Pastel Outfits for 2016

For those keen on wearing lighter hues, such as pastels, this is a post you need to read. We’ve searched for 10 of the cutest spring pastel outfits you can recreate or draw inspiration from. But be warned, you’ll fall in love with pastel colors all over again once you’ve finished scrolling through these outfits.

Are you ready for multiple eyegasms? Here we go…

1. The Pastel Pink Maxi

10 Cute Spring Pastel Outfits For 2016

While there’s a special place in our hearts for the bright and bold colors, we can’t resist the beauty of light colors, especially pastel pink. A pastel pink maxi skirt should be no. 1 of your list of priorities. If it isn’t, you  might need to reevaluate your life.

2. Off to Neverland


Not only is the teal and peach combo a win, those Peter Pan collars will forever look good. Take us to Neverland, why don’t ya?

3. The Asymmetrical Mini Look

10 Cute Spring Pastel Outfits For 2016

It’s spring and it’s time to start showing off those legs. How? Wear an asymmetrical mini skirt and match it with a top. We really suggest you get a white skirt so you can easily match it with any light-colored top you have.

4. That Floral Blazer

For days when you can only see yourself wearing a plain tee and denim pants, who you gonna call? A floral blazer! It will save the day.

5. Old School

10 Cute Spring Pastel Outfits For 2016

They even rocked pastel in the good ol’ days! If vintage is more your style, find inspiration in the beautiful picture above.

6. The Laid Back Gal

10 Cute Spring Pastel Outfits For 2016

If you’re a laid back girl like me who really loves her plain shirts and skinny jeans, a pastel button-down shirt can give you the pop of color you need. This is great news if you have flannels that have been collecting dust in your closet.

7. The Two Piece Ensemble

10 Cute Spring Pastel Outfits For 2016

One way to really look adorable this spring season is with a two-piece ensemble and girly accessories. Doesn’t she look super adorbs?

8. The Pastel Preppy

With flowers in full bloom this season, it is a must that you embrace and become one with florals. This pastel ensemble comprising of the floral jumper, pink collared shirt and pastel pink pants is perfect for that preppy look.

9. The Pastel Shorts

A white top and pastel shorts are a killer combo this spring season. It’s simple, chic and definitely cute! To add a bit of edge to your look, wear a blazer in a color that contrasts with the lighter hues you’re wearing.

10. The Pastel Sweater

It’s cute, it’s pretty and it’s adorable. It’s not hard to love which is why your lifelong search for the right sweater begins now.

Could you feel those butterflies fluttering in your tummy? That’s what pastel outfits can do to you! Which look was your favorite?

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