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10 Cute Spring Sandals to Get Your Hands On

What’s the best footwear to wear during the spring and summer? Sandals, of course! Here are cute spring sandals we can’t wait to get our hands on and feet in. 

10 Cute Spring Sandals to Get Your Hands On

We’ve been singing spring’s praises for a while now and while the skies are currently gray and overcast in normally-sunny Los Angeles, we’ve been enjoying the beautiful spring weather so far. But quick on its heels approaches summer and you know what that means: itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow bikinis! No, but really though, it means the introduction of less clothing and more skin.

And we’re not just talking about that hot bod of yours, we’re talking about your feet too! Summer is the time to let those toes catch some fresh air and flaunt that pedicure you just got, so in order to do that you’ve got to wear some sandals, honey. Yes, we love flats and sneakers, but in the summertime, ain’t nobody got time to put them on. We’re too busy lounging around. Sheesh!

So, to give gratitude to the spring and welcome the summer, here are cute spring sandals we’re dying to wear.

1. Clunky & Funky


Jeffrey Campbell Fayette Patent Sandals, $108

I’m a sucker for ’90s fashion, so of course my jaw dropped and my heart skipped a beat the first time I laid eyes on this beautiful pair of sandals. Okay, they’re definitely not for everyone, but if you’re also a huge fan of them, please know that I’m sending you all of my love because us clunky-heeled girls have got to stick together. ;)

2. The Real Gladiators


Ikaria Wing Jelly Sandals, $125

I love this fun, whimsical take on Gladiator sandals. These jelly sandals come in fun colors — white, teal and pink — that are perfect for spring!

3. High Gladiator Sandals


Jocelyn Gladiator Sandals, $38

And, of course, there’s the classic Gladiator shoe. Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of design, but a post on spring sandals just wouldn’t be complete without some Gladiators. These Gladiators from Mason & Ivy are not only super cute and versatile, they’re so gosh darn comfy it’s ridiculous.

4. Bejeweled & Ready for Flight


Sophia Webster Seraphina Angel-Wing flat Sandal, $475

This beautiful, bejeweled design comes in both sandal and high heel form, and we love both of them! They’re super chic and can even be worn to formal events like a wedding or family get-together.

5. Classic Birkenstocks


Birkenstock Madrid Slide, $70

The return of the Birkenstock was last year’s most bizarre, non sequitur trend. I mean, who would have ever thought that the shoes once loved by hippies and grandpas alike would make such a big splash in the fashion world? The trend grew to such a size, even Target started selling their version of it, so of course, it only makes sense that this shoe would start trending again this time of the year. Looks like the Birkenstock is here to stay. Just don’t line them with fur a la Miley Cyrus (and yes, we know those were Celines), okay?

6. Espadrilles


Marie Espadrille Sandal, $59

Espadrilles are one of my favorite sandals to wear! While minimalist, strappy designs can be a little too blah for me, the espadrille brings the right amount of style and simplicity. It also helps that they’re super forgiving on the feet.

7. Day-to-Night Sandals


Faux Suede Strappy Sandals, $30

I’m a huge fan of these strappy sandals at Forever21. They’re the perfect transition shoe as they can be worn with a floral dress during the day and switched up with a blazer or jeans at night. Your choice!

8. Be Bright; Be Bold

Sanchita Orange Pony Hair Sosai Sandals, $200

These orange pony hair sandals are something else, aren’t they? If you’re bold and daring (more power to you), these are awesome sandals to rock with your favorite LWD (little white dress). Our favorite part about these sandals is that vibrant orange color! You’re not getting lost with these on, that’s for sure.

9. Wedges All Day, Erry Day


Kate Spade New York Dotty Ice Cream Wedge Sandal, $278

Um, cute Kate Spade patent wedges with ice cream on them? YES, PLEASE! These are the very definition of “adorable” and will add an art-pop touch to any outfit. My recommendation is to pair these outrageous sandals with an outfit that’s equally outrageous, like this Rad to the Bone Dress.

10. A Modern Take on a Classic Sandal

Stella McCartney Black Strap Shoes, $995

I did mention earlier that I was never a fan of the simple t-strap sandals that first kicked off the trend, but I am a fan of this modern take on the staple.  Stella McCartney takes everything we know about the black sandal and gives it an Eastern edge with a Geta-inspired sole. The result is a perfect blend of East meets West meets high fashion.

Oh boy! All of these sandals are making me weak at the knees, which is always bad news for my wallet.

Which were your favorite? Let us know in the Comments below or via Facebook!

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