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Cute Summer Dresses We’re Itching To Buy

For those who love being kissed by the sun, these cute summer dresses will make you feel even more loved this summertime. 

Cute Summer Dresses We’re Itching To Buy

Summer dresses are all about displaying femininity in a casual, yet alluring way. With these cute summer dresses, you’ll be ready for just about anything this summer, whether it’s sunbathing at the pool or kicking ass and taking names in a game of beach volleyball.

We’ve gathered the cutest dresses to wear this summer as a source of fashion inspiration for budding or veteran fashionistas. Keep on scrolling to see the dresses we can’t wait to get our hands on.

1. Blue Floral Dress

Cute Summer Dresses We're Itching To Buy

The contrast between the navy blue base color and pink flowers works perfectly together in this cute summer dress.

2. All White

Cute Summer Dresses We're Itching To Buy

While summer is all about colors, there’s always room for a white dress that you can wear to any occasion. Lovely!

3. Deep V-Cut

Do you want to add a touch of sexiness to your look? Go for this pretty deep V-cut dress. While it will definitely show cleavage, the girly pleated A-line skirt balances out the sexiness, making this the perfect outfit choice for a date-day or brunch.

4. Bring Back the Bow

Who doesn’t love bows? This summer, the bow gets a flirty touch with strategic placement in the back. Loving it.

5. Off-Shoulder Dress

Cute Summer Dresses We're Itching To Buy

Off-shoulder dresses are a hit during summertime. It allows us to show off those yoga shoulders, for one, but off-shoulder dresses are also the perfect mix of feminine and utilitarian.

6. Wrap Floral Dress

Cute Summer Dresses We're Itching To Buy

Because there’s no such thing as too many florals, here’s another floral dress that’s a bit sexier. This wrap floral dress gives a little sneak peek of your cleavage, while still leaving everything to the imagination.

7. Going to the Office

Are you looking for a more formal summer dress you can wear to the office and cover up with a blazer or cardigan, if need be? If so, this dress is it! It’s great to wear before, during and after work.

8. Cap Sleeve Dress

Another cute and sexy summer dress in this list is this cap sleeve dress with a deep v-cut and underskirt. The color combination is so beautiful!

9. The Maxi

The list of cute summer dresses wouldn’t be complete without a maxi dress. Maxi dresses don’t show off too much skin and, when done right, can look really elegant and chic. This is a great option for formal- and informal-wear.

10. Retro Round Neck

This retro round neck dress may look like it came out of a Chinese porcelain dining set with its cute, chic and simple design, and that’s what makes it so darn cute.

Which look is your favorite, ladies? I love the white dress, but the halter and round neck are close runners-up.

Tell us which look you loved in the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers!

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