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The Cutest ‘90s Fashion Trends

The ’90s were a great time for pop culture and music, but the style wasn’t as cool or as cute—or was it? Makes you wonder and rediscover a lot of the trends we forgot about that were also great in its own sort of way.


1.) Overalls With Straps Down

So awesome—whether you rocked it with one strap or both straps down. Also, it had to be Guess, or else you were just playing yourself. And if you really wanted to be cool, you wore no shirt underneath—Jodeci style.

The Cutest ‘90s Fashion Trends

2.) One Pant Leg Rolled Up

Keep one rolled up like LL’s pant leg.  If you thought going to jail was cool, then you probably rocked this look. The trend definitely started on street gangs, but LL Cool J made it appeal to the masses.


3.) Bike Shorts

Hoop shorts were too short in the ’90s, so the guys started wearing these underneath. Then all of a sudden, people were wearing bike shorts just on its own. Bam, new trend.

The Cutest ‘90s Fashion Trends

4.) Bleached Hair

Thanks to INXS, the term “Suicide Blonde” was introduced into everyday conversation. And thanks to Guy Fieri, this trend lives on.


5.) Raiders Snapbacks

If you know anything about West Coast rap, you would’ve had one of these caps in the ’90s.

The Cutest ‘90s Fashion Trends

6.) Striped Sweaters

Whether you were Kurt Cobain or Freddie Krueger, these were pretty prevalent in the era of grunge and Nightmare on Elm Street. If you ever wanted to destroy one, all you had to do was pull that thread, and walk away.


7.) Vertically Striped Shirts

Ill-fitting vertical block stripe shirts were prevalent in the ’90s. Made by everyone from Tommy Hilfiger, Eddie Bauer, Polo, and the like, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say they were at least kind of awesome. We’d rock them if they were tailored to today’s standards.

The Cutest ‘90s Fashion Trends

8.) Turtlenecks

A staple on boy band necks come wintertime, these came in two varieties: extra-thick and close-cut, dark, and ribbed.


9.) Sweaters Tied Around The Waist

Who needs a belt when you got a hoodie knotted around your CK jeans?


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