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DIY Voluminous Braided Wedding Hairstyle for an Elegant Look

Almost every bride has her own favorite Disney princess who loves to dream of true love. And I was once such a bride since I just love fairytales, and the fairy godmother, and living happily ever after with my prince charming. That is why even after getting married I still watch princess fairytale movies especially Disney movies. One of my favorites is Frozen, and yes, I really love queen Elsa. I know you’re one of those who are dying to know how to achieve queen Elsa’s voluminous braided hairstyle. This is perfect for a bride who wants to have a whimsical Disney wedding.

DIY Voluminous Braided Wedding Hairstyle for an Elegant Look

Walk Down the Aisle Like Queen Elsa with this Disney Inspired Wedding Braided Hairstyle

Ever since we saw this Disney movie Frozen, many of us have been drooling over queen Elsa’s dazzling big braided hair. Did you know that Elsa had 400 strands of hair? No wonder her braided hairstyle was full and fancy. Sadly, we are not a princess, so we don’t have that kind of hair. But don’t worry! Even if we don’t have magical powers, we found some modern tools. Here’s a video tutorial from Makeup Wearables Hairstyles on FROZEN ELSA’S Messy BRAID HAIR TUTORIAL that will teach us how to get that fancy voluminous braided hairstyle. I can’t wait to start!


Step 1- Curl your Hair

Apply some effective heat protectant before curling your hair. You can use a 1.5 curling wand to curl your hair and pin them up. But if you have a natural curly hair you can skip this step.

DIY Voluminous Braided Wedding Hairstyle for an Elegant Look

Step 2- Tease your Hair

To achieve Elsa’s massive volume you need to tease your hair. Apply hair powder all over your hair to make your hair sticky and to help with teasing.

Step 3- Use Hair Extensions and Hair Padding

Use hair extensions and hair paddings at the back of you head. This is the secret method for Elsa’s magical hair volume. But if you have thick hair, you can simply tease your hair a bit more.


Step 4- Make a Half-Up Ponytail

Use hair dry wax to make your hair look neat. Gather the back of your crown, leaving out the front of your hair and create a half ponytail. Tie with an elastic band.

DIY Voluminous Braided Wedding Hairstyle for an Elegant Look

Step 5- Start a 3-Strand Braid

Split the ponytail into 3 sections to start a braid. Make a basic braid pattern.


Step 6- Turn it into a French Braid

To turn this into a french braid, start adding hair to the side strands before doing a regular braid. For this voluminous braid, take a hair from the crown for the first section, and add it to the right side strand, and then cross it over the middle strand. 


Add in a section of hair from the left side to the left strand before taking both strands over the middle strand. 

Repeat the steps until the hair is in a braid.

Switch to regular braid when you’re out of hair to add in. Make a regular braid until the end of the hair and tie it with elastic.

DIY Voluminous Braided Wedding Hairstyle for an Elegant Look

Step 7- Loosing more Hair

Loose some hair to get a voluminous effect. To make the braid bigger, just pull out the edges of the braid. Cut off the elastic band in the half ponytail if it’s visible. If you really want to make it bigger and messier, grab a piece of hair at the end and just yank up the braid towards the crown to scrunch it.


And you’re done!


You can watch the full video tutorial from MakeupWearablesHairstyle on Frozen Elsa’s Messy Braided Hair, right here:

This braided hairstyle is just so stunning and romantic.  It will look so amazing in a tube or off-shoulder wedding dress. I love the idea of wearing a shiny crown tiara to feel more of a fairytale. You deserve to look like a queen on your wedding and live happily ever after!


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