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[TUTORIAL] How to Do DIY Ombre Lips | Cute Outfits

Want to try ombre lips? If you’d like to experiment with this two-toned look, you’ll love this tutorial by GlamByMeliTV.

*Feature image via Glam by Meli TV; Content sourced from third party–not original. 

[TUTORIAL] How to Do DIY Ombre Lips

Sometimes wearing one lip color just feels so boring. For days when your OOTD is on point, but your makeup isn’t, try something new like ombre lips.

Ombre is in: from ombre hair to ombre lips, this is the trend of the season. Ready for the step-by-step guide to DIY ombre lips?

You’ll Need:

Step 1

First, take your translucent powder and apply it over your lips to create a blank canvas.

[TUTORIAL] How to Do DIY Ombre Lips | Cute Outfits

Step 2

Next, take your EOS balm to moisturize your lips. It doesn’t have to be an EOS balm, but do use your favorite, most-hydrating balm.

Step 3

Outline the lips with a lip liner (of your choice).  Start at the bottom then cupid’s bow. Take your time and don’t rush through this step. It’s literally the most important in this tutorial.

Step 4

Fill in your lips then pat them together to blend the color. Keep on shading to accentuate the color.

Step 5

Apply a matte lip cream on the areas without shading then press the lips together lightly. Re-apply the matte lip cream to blend the shades together.

Step 6

Outline the lips to correct any uneven areas. Dab the color onto the lips for more meticulous application.

Step 7

Finally, outline the sides with concealer to clean the area up.

[TUTORIAL] How to Do DIY Ombre Lips | Cute Outfits

You’re Done!

Your outfit wouldn’t be complete without the final touch: lipstick! Now all you have to do is find your OOTD and lip shades. When choosing colors, please choose two that fall within the same color family.

Watch the full tutorial below. 

Where do you wear ombre lips? Tell us below or on Facebook! For more outfit ideas, click here!

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