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[Tutorial] DIY Paper Clip Earrings That Will Complete Your OOTD

Are you getting bored with the earrings that you have? Is it the usual ones like hoops, stud, and dangle. If you want a new earring for a change, read on and find out how to make this very easy ear cuffs that you would absolutely love from TiffyQuake.


[Tutorial] DIY Paper Clip Earrings That Will Highlight Your Beautiful Ears

Adorne Your Ears With These Stunning Earrings


For us women, our outfits should always be on point. From head to toe. That means clothes, makeup, shoes, and accessories. And one accessory that will always be present are the earrings. There are a lot of types of earrings but if you want a different type from the usual, why don’t you try making these ear cuffs and you will see that they are awesome as they are easy to make. They are also made from paper clips so you can definitely make one!


You will need:

And that’s all you need. So, let’s get started.

Heart Shape Ear Cuff

Step 1: Make a Heart

Get a paper clip and straighten it. Make sure the kinks are gone. Cut the wire in half and with the help of the flat nose pliers, twirl the opposite ends inward. Using the other plier, hold the edges in place and squeeze the wire inwards until it’s as close as it can get. It will form a heart shape.


Step 2: Make a Heart Cuff

Using a round nose plier, grab the edge of the heart and turn it inwards until you form a circular pattern. This will be the cuffs of your earrings. once it is turned, kink the bottom portion a bit so that it will stay in place once it is in your ears.

That’s incredibly easy, right? here’s another design idea for you.


Swirly Ear Cuff With Bead

Step 1: Swirl the Wire

Using another straightened wire, turn the edges inward like the first one. But with this wire, use the pliers to twirl it as tight as you can and then continue swirling. You can swirl the wire as big or as little as you want.


Step 2: Add a Bead

Add a bead to the wire.


Step 3: Make Curves in the Wire

After adding the bead, curve the wire in opposite directions twice as shown in the images. Make sure that you twirl the end of the wire inwards so that it will not poke your ear when you wear it.


Step 4: Curve the Edges to Make a Cuff

Place your finger in the middle of the earring. Use it as a pattern and curve the edges with a round nose plier. it will be the cuff of your earring so that it will stay in your ears.


And now it’s complete!

This will be what it’s going to look like once you’ve finished.


Watch the full video tutorial below:

With these, you have very pretty ear cuffs to show off. You can customize it based on your design and personality. It also doesn’t need piercings so if you don’t have any it’s okay. So what are you waiting for? Make your own pair now!


If you want to know more about DIYs, click here.

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