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[TUTORIAL] Easy and Pretty DIY Necklace For All Occasions

Have you accumulated fashion necklaces over time? Yes, we understand that in any OOTD, accessorizing is a must. The usual accessory that most ladies pair their outfit with is a necklace. But then, it’s not necessary to buy all the time for your getup. You can recycle old necklaces and make a new elegant accessory out of it. Check out this DIY pretty necklace tutorial by our friends at TheFashionNMakeup.


[TUTORIAL] Easy and Pretty DIY Necklace For All Occasions

Be In Style With Super Trendy Chain Choker

If we talk about the current statement necklaces this season, then a choker is one of those trendy accessories this quarter. In fact, pretty chain chokers are super trendy right now. So if you’re a necklace lover, then I’m sure you have a lot of old chain necklaces that you don’t use anymore. Bring them out because we’ll put those neglected necklaces to good use by turning them into chain chokers.

You’ll need this:

  • Old necklaces (2 thick chains and 2 small chains)
  • 1 Pendant charm with a jump ring
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • 1 Clasp with a jump ring
  • 1 Small jump ring
  • 2 Bigger jump rings

Note: You can get these materials (except for the pliers and scissors, of course) from your old necklace.


Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Remove Some Parts

Remove the pendant charm, jump rings and the clasp from the old necklaces you have.

[TUTORIAL] Easy and Pretty DIY Necklace For All Occasions

Step 2: Measure the Length

Getting the right measurement is crucial. So, with your thick chain, wrap it around your neck to get the right length. Yes! It is  a choker but I don’t want you to get choked while wearing it if it’s too tight.


Step 3: Cut The Chain

After getting your desired length, fold the chain in half and cut it. Now, do the same with the thin chain. Take note that the thin chain should be longer than the thick one you measured earlier.


Step 4: Attach Parts

Take one thick chain and attach the small jump ring to its end. Then take the other thick chain and attach the clasp to its end. After this, attach the other ends of both chains to a big jump ring.


Step 5: Add Both Chains

Add both of the thin chains on the side of the thick chain. The sequence should be the thin chain, the thick chain, the thick chain, then lastly the thin chain. After that, add the pendant of your choice, make sure you place it in between two thin chains. Then, close the bigger jump ring.


Step 6: Add Small Jump

Remember the other end of the thick chain with a small jump ring? Connect that to the end of the thin chain. Do the same thing to the end of the thick chain with the clasp, connect it to the end of the other thin chain.

[TUTORIAL] Easy and Pretty DIY Necklace For All Occasions

Step 7: Add Big Jump

Add the remaining big jump ring to the end of the chains with the small jump ring. This will serve as the lock to the clasp when you wear the choker.



And there you have it! Your own choker. If you want to adjust the length of the choker, just add jump rings.


Watch the full video tutorial below:

Isn’t that nice? You have your personalized choker. Who would’ve thought that chokers are so easy to make?You can certainly make different choker designs depending on your style. It is also awesome that these chokers cost nothing at all, right?


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