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Easy Yoga Poses To Pep Up Your Day and Get You Going

Getting out of  bed is a struggle especially if you’re still tired from yesterday’s past activities. It makes you feel lazy, but you have to get up and get your day going. Do you want your senses to come to life and energize your day? Then here are Easy Yoga Poses to pep up your day and get you going!

Easy Yoga Poses To Pep Up Your Day and Get You Going

Activate Your Morning for An Awesome Day 

Sleep is vital to everyone. When you hit the sack and go into a deep sleep, you don’t want to leave your bed in the morning. You just want to stay there and contemplate about a lot of things. But, in order to get your life together, you need to go out and do what you are supposed to do.

Your day starts right when the sun rises, then you decide how your day should be and of course, you need an energizer so you can accomplish your daily activities while keeping you healthy. Aside from food and coffee, another vital component for an energized morning is exercise. And yes, these 5 easy yoga poses will surely get you started!

1. The Full-Body Stretch

The Full-Body Stretch activates the muscles in your body and makes room for vital organs. It increases  blood circulation which results in increased energy levels.  It also reduces muscle tension thus, this is a must do pose if you are sitting for long periods time.

Easy Yoga Poses To Pep Up Your Day and Get You Going

2. The Tree-Pose

The Tree Pose is one of the easy yoga poses and is a balancing pose that helps improve balance; strengthens feet, legs, glutes, and abs. this posture also helps people with flat feet and is a therapy for sciatica.  Regular practice will improve your focus and ability to concentrate in all areas of your life.

Easy Yoga Poses To Pep Up Your Day and Get You Going

3. The Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow pose is a combination of 2 yoga poses, which allows you to have a breath-synchronized movement. This simply means that your movements will match your breathing. It increases coordination, improves both your posture and your balance. The pose also helps strengthen your spine by stretching the spine and your neck. It can even help relieve stress and calm your mind.

Easy Yoga Poses To Pep Up Your Day and Get You Going

4.  The Downward Facing Dog

The Downward Facing Dog may seem like one of the most basic elements in a yoga practice but it can get things moving. This simple pose isn’t just energizing but therapeutic after all; as it relieves high blood pressure, headache, stress, and fatigue.

Easy Yoga Poses To Pep Up Your Day and Get You Going

5. The Lunge Pose

The Lunge Pose prepares the lower body for all other standing lunges. It strengthens the quadriceps and gluteus muscles, relieves sciatica pain, expands your chest, lungs, and shoulder. It helps develops stamina and endurance in your thighs as it improves your balance, focus and core awareness.


If you want more of these easy yoga poses, check this video of Morning Yoga – Energizing Morning Sequence by Yoga With Adriene. Learn and  energize your morning for a day full of life.

Yoga alters your way of life– body and soul. It gives you inner peace and improves your mental capacity which coordinates with what you do in life. Learning these easy yoga poses every morning will help you be active throughout the day.


Did you find this article informative? Start your day with these yoga poses and tell us how it improved your day below!


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