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Fall Accessories: The Haves, Must-Haves & Needs

Want to know which fall accessories are must-haves? You’ve come to the right place. 

Fall Accessories: The Haves, Must-Haves & Needs

One of the fun things about dressing up for the fall season is the number of fashion accessories you can play with. There’s so much to mix and match, which is great because you can come up with various outfits everyday.

The good news is that you don’t have to shop for more clothes; all you need are the right fall accessories to instantly perk up your fall wardrobe. And what are these accessories you ask? Let’s get right on it now!

Fall Accessories: The Haves, Must-Haves & Needs

1. Beret Hats

Fall beret hats look beautiful in practically any fall outfit you’ll wear. It’s a simple and stylish way to vamp up your outfit. The French beret is a huge favorite in the fall season so make sure you have at least one. Red is a huge color this season, so if it’s one of your favorite colors as well, get a red beret! Berets are easy to match and it can keep the head warm once the chilly days come.

2. Wide-Brimmed Hats

Sure, we love the fedora this time of the year but for Fall 2015, you need to go a little bit bigger. Wide-brimmed hats are IN this season; especially those boater and floppy hats. What we love about these hats is the sophistication it adds to the look. It’s stylish, trendy and very, very chic!

Fall Accessories: The Haves, Must-Haves & Needs

3. Loafers

Surprise, surprise! Boots aren’t hogging the spotlight this season for the most-loved footwear. Loafers are making a name for themselves too. Why not? They’re comfortable to wear and they can be easily worn with skinny jeans, skirts and even business suits. It’s versatile! If you’re someone who love flats, get two pairs: a classic and a glam one.

4. Faux Reptile-Skin Bag & Footwear

You may have to make room for faux reptile-skin accessories in your fall wardrobe right now because they were hot hot hot on the runway. From crocodile to snake skin, they were worn in different colors. Personally, I’m not a fan of reptile-skin stuff just because I’m really scared of snakes, but I know women who dig this kind of fabric. You can go bold with bright colors or go for something more neutral. Your choice.

5. Moto Boots

This fall accessories list would not be complete without fall boots, right? And I know you’ve been waiting to talk about this too. This Fall 2015, what you’d want to have are moto boots. Yes, those rugged boots that will give your look extra edge! Fall outfits tend to be very feminine so wearing moto boots is an easy way to toughen up your outfit.

Fall Accessories: The Haves, Must-Haves & Needs

6. Statement Necklace, Earrings & Brooches

When it comes to jewelry, you have to make a statement. Fall clothes are mostly characterized by clean lines and solid colors, which is actually perfect with statement jewelry. Statement necklaces, earrings and brooches can easily amp up simple outfits; just be careful with making too much of a statement. If you opt to wear a statement necklace, keep the other pieces dainty as to prevent donning an overwhelming look.

7. Mary Janes

We heart these Mary Janes! Like seriously, can they get any prettier? The reason why I love Mary Janes is they look great with anything, you name it! Wear them with skinny jeans, a short or long skirt, tights and stockings, or with your favorite dress; you’ll always look fabulous and girly! Nonetheless, for fall, look for a modified version of the Mary Janes like a unique design or fabric… velvet shoes are huge this season too!

8. Faux Fur Scarf

We loved the wool scarves, but this fall, you may have to ditch them for faux fur scarves. That’s right, faux fur scarves are a trend for Fall 2015. If you think they’re too thick for your liking, go for a faux fur stole instead. They’re not too heavy nor thick, but they can instantly add class to your outfit. But ladies, stick to faux fur please!


Wasn’t that fun? I can’t even express how much I lurve fall season and these accessories are making outfits look more refreshed and invigorated.

Ladies, tell us, which fall accessory is your favorite and the one you can’t do without?

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