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Fashion 2016 Trend: The 70’s Suede

You would be wrong to think the suede inspiration from the 70’s would bid us goodbye. It’s here and it’s making waves in the fashion scene! Get some fresh ideas on how to involve suede in your wardrobe, and in your look!

The 70’s Suede


Fashion 2016 Trend: The 70's Suede

This piece is undeniably reliable and can upgrade your look instantly.


If you want to take some time off your usual denims, trousers or leggings, the suede pants may just be what you need. This item can serve as the breakthrough piece of your entire outfit.


Keep it fresh, light and playful while donning some suede. Try this beloved 70’s material in shorts!


This girly item is a must – have for a playful, mix-and-match day. You can use your suede skirt to look edgy, soft, or just laid back and simple.


Fashion 2016 Trend: The 70's Suede

Comfort and style are what suede shoes have to offer. With varying heights, choose the suede shes that will keep you comfortable at any time of the day.


Dress up and worry not about how you will style it. The dress has already done the work for you.


If you can’t wear it, might as well have it as an accessory! Suede bags are not only stylish, but are also simple and reliable.

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