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9 Fashion Trends to Rule 2016, According to Pinterest

When it comes to life hacks and style inspirations, Pinterest is your one–stop shop. You can find effective self-help tips on beauty, day to day living; and of course, fashion! You can also shop the cute outfits and chic items right from the app. Pinterest made your OOTD planning so much easier: from beauty trends to stylish looks. Check out what they believe to be hitting the 2016 style:

Throwback Sneaks

Sneakers are every fashion savvy must-have. For one, the Adidas Stan Smith is considered as a throwback item originally named after tennis player Stan Smith. This was initially for tennis playing during the 1970s when Adidas launched the line. Today, it is one of the most trusted sneakers for comfort and style.

Statement Sunglasses

9 Fashion Trends to Rule 2016, According to Pinterest

Gone are the days when you just want to plainly go incognito. As sunglasses become a need, attention-grabbing pieces invade today’s sunglasses style, and they will remain until the next year. That is, so long as we sashay in these fun, stylish and bold pieces that may just give away our taste and preference.

Elevated Athleisure

We now see athletic wear worn almost everyday and at some point, we can’t help but be curious how athletic wear became part of fashion, and tells more about social change, urban adaptation, random cultural moments and the science of synthetics. Tennis style from the courts we can now see on runways, yoga pants went beyond the studio, and sports shoes becoming permanent fashion choice.

Matching Sets

The go-to set will surely stay until 2016, being a wise fashion option – playful and trendy.

Belt Bags

9 Fashion Trends to Rule 2016, According to Pinterest

These bags are set to make its comeback. Promising comfort and convenience with a dash of statement, this piece will surely recreate everyday fashion.

Merlot, Burgundy, Maroon

Following this year’s trend of the slightly dark, but fashionable shade, it is expected to continue gracing next fashion pieces and trends – clothes, and even lippies! This shade definitely suits almost anything and everything you pair it with.

No-rules Fashion, Mixing Textures and Patterns

2016 might just be an experimental year to behold! The no – rules kind of fashion will be exciting and downright fun, playing with different textures, patterns and style to pair up with. This might also be an opener to other fashion discoveries by next year.

Androgynous Looks

9 Fashion Trends to Rule 2016, According to Pinterest

This look never entirely went out of style so we couldn’t say it is set to have a comeback. Though it’s more like going to be intensified in the coming year. This kind of look sometimes doesn’t just deal with fashion, but more with empowerment among sexes with combined taste.

Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes should go beyond being a trend, because this holds what is essential at all times. It is more like, capsule wardrobe will finally have a fair share of the spotlight come 2016, as what every person’s fashion must have.

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