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How To Style A Mirror Gold Belt Like A Pro

You don’t need a red carpet event to bust out your favorite gold belt. Here are seven different stylish ways to add a charming mirror gold belt to your daily outfits!

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7 Chic Ways to Rock Your Mirror Gold Belt

1. Babe in Black

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Refresh your favorite all-black ensemble. A chic, stylish gold belt is just the accessory you need to add a bit of flair to any plain, classic outfit.

Tip: This is a great outfit for those who want to look slimmer. Dark colors minimize the body’s outline, and gold belts tighten the waist area.

2. Corporate-Chic

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Wearing a bold mirror gold belt will give you the confidence any modern woman needs to thrive in a male-centered work environment. Show off your girl power!

Tip: When choosing your outfit, go for dark dresses like blue, black, and maroon. Gold belts shine best when placed on a contrasting surface.

3. Pretty in a Playsuit


Playsuits are back in style, but you can’t wear them the same way you’ve been for the past years. Modernize them by accessorizing with a gold belt.

Tip: Wearing a gold metal belt will cinch the waist and shape your hourglass figure. It’s a quick way to look fiercer and sexier for corporate events.

4. Skirt Season


Wear your gold belt with a plain tube top and a flowy skirt for an outfit that screams fun and flirty. It’s the perfect beach or picnic date OOTD.

Tip: Gold belts have always been a serious accessory for formal or corporate events. However, you can wear them with printed skirts and tops as well.

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5. Elevated Casual


Going for something fun and casual but classy at the same time? Try wearing your mirror gold belt with a light-colored plain tube top and dark pants.

Tip: An elevated casual style is somewhere between laid-back and formal. It’s perfect for events such as brunch dates and casual cocktail parties.

6. Springtime Flirty


Gold belts are often worn with dark outfits. During the warm months of spring and summer, however, you can try lighter colors such as pink, peach, and white.

Tip: This color combination might not look well in the dark. It’s best for sunny outdoor events such as picnics, beach trips, and amusement park dates.

7. Winter Fashionista


Want to look like that rich businesswoman who hangs out at your local coffee shop? Try this sweater and gold belt winter fashionista combination.

Tip: Do not pair your gold belt with Christmas sweaters. A flashy belt worn with loud printed sweaters is not something you can easily pull off.

The Cutest Mirror Gold Belt in the Market Right Now

Still don’t have a mirror gold belt? Check out this sleek gold mirror belt by Fling Fashions! It’s a hot, trendy accessory that adds an air of modern elegance to any outfit.

What makes this gold metal belt so cool is it’s eye-catching, yet not too loud at the same time. It’s flashy enough to leave a statement wherever you go but discreet enough to be worn to formal corporate events.

Check out this video by Fling Fashions on how to style your mirror gold belt:

Gold mirror belts are a must-have. They are chic, stylish accessories that will never go out of style. Plus, a girl can never have too many belts.

They’re also very versatile. Whether you’re heading off to a night of clubbing with the girlfriends or are going to an important business meeting with a client, a lovely mirror belt will bring your outfit together.

How would you wear a gold belt? Share your fashion tips and OOTD advice with us in the comments section below! 

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