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12 Kiddie Halloween Costumes To Wear As An Adult

Have you always wanted to wear kiddie costumes even though you’re a grown-up? Well, this Halloween is the perfect opportunity to revisit your favorite kids’ Halloween costumes. Because really, we’re all kids at heart! Treat kiddie Halloween costumes as throwbacks to your childhood. They’ll make for great Instagram posts you’ll want to share with all your friends! So take a trip down memory lane with these kiddie Halloween costumes that you can wear even if you’re all grown up.

12 Kiddie Halloween Costumes To Wear As An Adult

Halloween Costumes For The Kids In All Of Us

Many of us have unforgettable memories of our childhood Halloween trick-or-treat adventures. We dressed up with no care in the world whether we look horrible or ridiculous. Because during Halloween, anything goes! Or, maybe our parents took Halloween very seriously and dressed us in creative and unique Halloween costumes! Whatever your experiences were, I’m sure we all look back on our childhoods with great fondness. So this year, you can dress up in Halloween costumes that bring out the kid in you. The only question is, which look will you go for?

1. Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Years after the release of Frozen, kids and adults alike are still going gaga over Anna and Elsa merchandise. They’ve become Halloween staples by now! If you’re really fond of the duo, you can pick a friend to dress up with you. Or if you have a kid, nephew or niece, you can dress up with them too!

2. Pumpkins

Pumpkin costumes are a classic. But even though they’re seen almost every year in Halloween costume parties, looking like a pumpkin is still adorable. I think they’re perfect for celebrating fright night! And if you ever run out of bags for your candies, just put them inside your costume.

3. Fairies

12 Kiddie Halloween Costumes To Wear As An Adult

Who didn’t want to be a pretty fairy when they were a young girl? I sure did! There’s something about all the shimmer, glitter and sparkles and those pretty wings that just makes you feel like special. So relive your fairy moments and become a fairy once again for Halloween. Work that wand, girl!

4. Disney Princesses

Dressing up like a princess is a big favorite among little girls. Specifically, a Disney princess like Belle. You’re never too old to dress up like your favorite Disney character!

5. Agnes from Despicable Me

Sure the Minions are cute, but I think Agnes steals the show in the movie. She’s such an adorable little girl! So what about an adult-sized Agnes? I’m sure that will work too, especially if you’re going out with little kids dressed up as Minions.

6. Black Widow

Step aside, because a new superhero has captured our hearts. Black Widow can go toe-to-toe with the nastiest villains and even outshine some of her teammates! Dressing up as a strong, independent woman will never go out of style.

7. Minnie Mouse


Does anyone even hate Minnie Mouse? It actually baffles me how much I loved Minnie Mouse as a child. And even now, I’m still a huge fan Mickey and Minnie. And I’m sure there are women out there who’d love to dress up as her!

8. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is quite an old character, but young and grown girls alike are still fond of her dress and basket. If you have a small pet dog, you can dress it up as Toto!

9. Lalaloopsy

Despite having buttons for eyes, Lalaloopsy dolls are too cute! It is no surprise why little girls love dressing up as them for Halloween. So if you want to go with a doll look, do away with the scary porcelain look and opt for something fun and colorful like this!

10. Wednesday Addams

I love Wednesday Addams! If I were to dress up this Halloween, I’d definitely want to be her. She’s scarily funny, witty, unforgiving and beautiful!

11. Ghosts

There are kids who don’t mind looking scary for Halloween. In fact, some kids really want to scare the wits out of people during fright night. Kids will be kids! However, adult ghosts are even scarier. Why not go as a whole family of ghosts?

12. Inside Out Characters

Inside Out is well-received by kids and adults for letting us in to the inner workings of a child’s mind. Each character has a unique look, which makes them great Halloween costumes. Can’t decide which character to be? Base it on your feelings! Are you feeling Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness or Disgust?
Watch this video from TheEllenShow to get more ideas for halloween costumes:

Aren’t these Halloween costumes super fun and creative? I’m having a hard time picking just one to wear this year! But I’m sure whichever costume you choose, you’ll have so much fun making them and showing off at all the parties you’ll be going to this Halloween. Which was your favorite? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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