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Holiday Party Fashion Season Is Here… But What Will You Wear?

Holiday party fashion season is always fun! I enjoy dressing up for the holidays because I get to use some of my favorites: glitter, shimmer, and statement pieces — they make for amazing conversation starters!

With all the parties happening left and right, I’ll admit that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. After all, we ladies are constantly faced with the question of “What should I wear?!”, even while looking at a closet full of clothes. It’s a girl thing, I guess. We always want to look stylish and on point! And honestly, I just really want my look to be one of the best in the room.

Holiday Party Fashion Help Is Here!

I love the holiday season. Food is always plentiful, celebrations are calendared almost every night, and everything just seems more exciting and festive. It gives me a reason to dress up, wear cute holiday nail designs, and put on my makeup more dramatic than usual (hello, shimmer). I won’t be to pull off a dressier look if it weren’t for the Holidays, so it’s definitely on my side! I love this season!

If you’re already thinking about what to wear to your next event, don’t fret! I’ve got a guide to your best bets for holiday party fashion. Keep on reading below.


1. Maxi Skirts

I’ve always loved how maxi skirts can make anyone look elegant in a snap. The right fabric and color can do even more wonders. This holiday season, opt for a color you feel your most confident in. Don’t forget to pick one with a slit to show off your long legs.

2. Glitter Heels

I can never think of holiday party fashion without the use of glitter. This year, instead of opting for incredibly shimmery dresses or tops, use glitter as an accent to your outfit. These blocked heels from Revolve are a perfect example. It’s sophisticated with a sparkle!

Holiday Party Fashion Season Is Here... But What Will You Wear?

3. Dangling Earrings

Special occasions call for dangling earrings as opposed to studs. They instantly make an entire outfit pop. It doesn’t hurt that they make me feel confident too. I usually opt for metals but you can definitely experiment with beaded earrings, fringe, and even bedazzled ones. It all adds to the festive feel we love from holiday party fashion.

Holiday Party Fashion Season Is Here... But What Will You Wear?

4. Glimmer Eyeshadow

I don’t usually pile on eyeshadow on a normal day, but when parties roll around, I love patting my eyelids with colors from my Naked palettes. Whether you choose to go smoky or keep things light with nude tones, the extra effort into making your lids pretty will do wonders. Top off your eyes with eyeliner and your favorite mascara and you’re good to go!

Holiday Party Fashion Season Is Here... But What Will You Wear?

5. Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are what I’d usually wear to celebrations done during the day. I particularly love how this dress is the color of wine red, something that reminds me to be merry and enjoy the drinks I’m having with my friends and family. i’ll dress this up with a pair of heels and designer purses, or dress it down with casual shades and white sneakers—it’s so versatile!


6. Festive Lace

Festive lace dresses such as this one are a must for holiday party fashion. I’ve found that it’s handy to keep a spare dress in my closet for last minute party invitations — which have already happened quite a few times. I love how this dress has two of my favorite festive elements: the color red and lace. With a dress like this, I can make a statement without going overboard.

Holiday Party Fashion Season Is Here... But What Will You Wear?

7. Statement Clutches

It’s good to invest in a statement clutch that’s roomy enough to fit all your essentials: phone, cash and cards, favorite lippie, a small pack of tissue and mints, and keys. I found this clutch from Macy’s absolutely to die for because of its pineapple accent. Isn’t it just adorable?! I can hear my friends oohing and aahing about it already.


Looking for more holiday party fashion ideas? Check out this video from Shannon Kyli.


Remember ladies, the holidays are all about celebrating and being happy. Whichever you end up choosing to wear, don’t forget to finish your look with a killer smile on your face. You are fabulous, fierce, and absolutely captivating! Wishing you an amazing holiday ahead!


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