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Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Nails That Scream Summer!

What’s more delicious and fab than having chocolate ice cream nails to match your summer outfit? Satisfy not only your sweet tooth but also your nails and eyes with this easy and fun tutorial! Keep reading for the steps!

Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Nails That Scream Summer!

Are you craving for chocolate ice cream nails? If you’re running out of creative and eye-catching nail designs, consider this sought-after chocolate dessert as your inspiration. Who doesn’t love ice cream, anyway?

Since summer is at its peak, your nails deserve a ‘cold and sweet treat’! This time, your nail polish (and your artistic mind) will do the luscious embellishment.

Just don’t end up biting your nails after this tutorial, girl! You can buy a pint of ice cream to please your taste buds after.


For this yummy nail art design, you’ll need:

With all your tools ready, it’s nail pampering time!


Step 1: Apply the base coat and your base color

Apply the base coat and base color | Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Nails That Scream Summer!

Start off by applying the base coat on your well-cleaned natural nails. Once it’s dry, paint it with your light brown nail polish. To protect your base color, apply a top coat.


Step 2: Stripping Tape

Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Nails That Scream Summer!

Once the top coat over the base color is completely dry, attach the stripping tape diagonally going to the right. Attach another set of stripping tape to your nails but this time, it’s diagonally going to the left. You’ll end up having a crisscross design on your nails — creating a waffle cone-like pattern.


Step 3: Dab it!


Get your medium brown nail polish and apply an adequate amount of it on your sponge.  Then, dab it gently onto your nails until it’s fully covered. This will create a texture almost similar to a cone. As soon as you’re done dabbing the sponge, peel off the tape carefully (one after another). If you get excess nail polish on your skin, get your cleanup brush and acetone to remove it.


Step 4: Chocolate Drippings


Now let’s add some sweet flavor to your nails! Get your dotting tool and your dark brown nail polish. Apply three random dots on your nails to start off the drippings. Then, get your small nail art brush.

Starting from the dots, create a straight line until it reaches the edge of your nails (close to your skin) and connect these lines creatively. There’s actually no trick in this part, ladies! Just keep it slow and be sure to have an ample amount of nail polish on your brush so it wouldn’t dry up easily. Don’t forget to clean up the excess polish on your skin!


Step 5: Finishing Touches


Once everything is good, finish it off with a top coat and let it dry.




There you have it — your luscious and tempting chocolate ice cream nails are ready for a sweet fashion blast! This deserves a #nailselfie, right?


For the video tutorial, watch this video from Kelli Marissa:

If you want to have other ‘flavors’ for your nails, you can use other colors for the drippings like white for vanilla or pink for strawberry flavor. You can also add ‘sprinkles’ to it using studs! Would you not crave for a real candy-coated treat after this? Yummy nails!


For more tutorials, click here.

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