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Celebrate International Beer Day With This Rage Yoga Tutorial

Pub, beer, heavy metal – and yoga mat? No, this isn’t the parallel universe. This is rage yoga, one of the best ways to celebrate International Beer Day.

I get it. Not everyone likes yoga. Some say it’s difficult while many believe it’s just too . . . zen. People get intimidated by so much order and meditation. For this reason, Canadian yoga teacher Lindsay Istace came up with rage yoga!

Rage Yoga Tutorial | Celebrate International Beer Day

Yoga For The Tired, Angry, And Free

Rage yoga is about mastering the principles and movements of asanas while enjoying self-expression. With this type of yoga, you can chug a beer while saying expletives – no holds barred! This makes it a perfect exercise for International Beer Day.

Are you ready to celebrate International Beer Day with rage yoga? Then let Lindsay show you:


1. Seek a class – like in a pub

Lindsay’s class is in a pub, and a cheap ticket gives you access to the class and discounted beer (nice, right?). But you can do rage yoga practically everywhere. Again, the basic rule is to learn to express yourself while doing the exercise.

Celebrate International Beer Day With This Rage Yoga Tutorial

2. Find your center

Lindsay’s class follows the Vinyasa flow, which means it begins and ends with calmness. A tree pose is a good way to clear your mind, find your center or balance, and prepare yourself for an awesome yoga time.


3. Do the warrior pose

Stretch, stretch, stretch! A warrior pose is a good way to start engaging the muscles of your shoulders, arms, and legs. It also opens your chest, improves breathing, and promotes better circulation. With this, you’re more likely to last the entire session. While you’re at it, think about the person you hate the most. Let all the angry words out. Breathe.  Let go.

Celebrate International Beer Day With This Rage Yoga Tutorial

4. Raise your arms then bend

From the basic Warrior Pose stance, proceed to the Inverse Warrior Pose. This involves raising your arms while bending your body backward as much as you can. Feel the stretch and the stress going out of your body.


5. Sit up a few times

Let’s do some ab exercise. Lie on your yoga mat and try to lift your body up, like you do during a regular sit-up. Feel the contractions of the abs as you repeat the movement a couple of times. Can’t get up? It’s perfectly okay. In rage yoga, no one is going to judge you if you can’t do it as long as you give yourself a chance to do it.

Celebrate International Beer Day With This Rage Yoga Tutorial

6. Exercise your legs

From a Downward Dog pose, raise each of your legs alternately as high as you can. Hold it for at least 15 seconds each. If you feel like falling down, then go lie on the mat. Then repeat when you’re ready.

That’s it! Now give yourself a nice hug for completing your first-ever rage yoga!

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To give you a better glimpse of the world of rage yoga, watch this video from Elizabeth Cameron:

Hopefully, with this short tutorial, you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Most of all, you get to appreciate the beauty of yoga – that it’s for everyone, even for those who don’t like Zen.

Cheers to International Beer Day and rage yoga!
Did you have fun with rage yoga? I bet you did. If you want more exciting yoga exercises, try this partner yoga YouTube challenge.


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