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Hot, Not or Meh? Duchess Kate Middleton Look of The Day

Duchess Kate Middleton, the woman who can do no wrong in my eyes is our Royal Look of the Day! Well, it’s about time that royalty graced our Hot, Not or Meh column, right? 

Hot, Not or Meh?

I’m guessing you may have an idea of what our verdict will be for the Duchess of Cambridge’s look of the day. But what the hell, let’s just dig deep and admire everything about her.

Recently, Prince William and Princess Kate welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Madam Peng Liyuan at the Lancaster House. Together with Kate’s ever-dazzling smile, she wore a Giupure purple lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana which cost £1,850.

Kate, the master of class and elegant style, wore suede pumps and clutch to add contrast to her lacy number. But more than that, I really like the fact that Prince William wore a plum-colored tie to match with the love of his life.

Take a look at the photos here:

What say you? The verdict is…


We love this purple lace dress and we love it on her. We also love her signature bouncy locks accompanied with her gorgeous smile. The classy and gorgeous Princess Kate did it again!

Ladies, what do you think of the Duchess’ recent fashion choice? Hot, Not or Meh?

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