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Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Do you love Korean street style or interested to know more about it? Here are more than 12 outfit ideas you ought to try at least once!

Korean Street Style | 16 Outfit Ideas Worth a Steal

Thanks to Hallyu (South Korean culture wave), the world finally sees South Korean street style, one of the best in the world, and get inspired by it. It’s rebellious, unique, expressive, and artsy. It’s highly diverse as well, from simple to out of this world! So you can’t help but say, “I want to try one of their looks someday!” Don’t worry, I’m here to give you 16 steal-and Instagram-worthy outfit ideas:

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

1. Fashion Love

South Korea has what we call the ulzzang fashion, which means “best looking.” It sets criteria on how to look good and get a thumbs-up among your peers, especially online, and it turns out wearing matching outfits with your SO is one of them!

The easiest way to sport the couple look is to wear the same outfit, but it’s also not unusual for the women to wear something boxy or androgynous like a graphic T-shirt paired with harem pants to match their men.

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

2. Punk Rock

One of the Korean street style looks that dominated the recent Seoul Fashion Week was punk rock. Here, you have the outfit that spells chic anarchy: cropped top, leather jacket, and tattered jeans with fishnet stockings. But the women don’t love to wear ultra dark makeup. Interesting, isn’t it?


3. Serious Twinning

Nobody takes #twinning more seriously than the Koreans. Not only do they LOVE couple looks, but they also enjoy similar looks they share with their BFFs! They can wear the same outfit or work around a theme, like colors (and Koreans are crazy about colors).

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

4. New Twist To Layering

Here’s something interesting about Korean fashion: it’s hard to kill what’s been going on for years! Instead, they evolve, and this is a good example of how layering takes a whole new meaning: metallic over black, highlighting each other.


5. Going Gangnam With Laces

Gangnam is one of the luxurious cities in Korea defined by its high-end shopping and fashion. The dress code? Classy. And what better way to show that than to wear a matching lacy top and skirt.


6. Denim Blues

Koreans love denim, and they have gazillion ways to wear it: bell bottoms, rompers, overalls, skinny jeans, tattered jeans, and matching suits, just to name a few. Name it – they probably have a denim version of it.

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

7. Mixed Style

Do you know one of the things I love about Korean street style? They don’t have to make sense! The mixed style is certainly one of them. A dress can be made from two different patterns and fabrics, but wear it like a pro and the streets become your instant runway.


8. Idol Fashion In Leather

Koreans, especially the young ones, are crazy about celebrities. From concerts to comebacks, they trail these bigwigs around. So it’s not surprising if they try to follow their dressing including mismatched outfits. You can take a hint from these celebrity outfits for less and go for mismatching like a cropped leather jacket paired with a checkered maxi dress.

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

10. Top to Bottom Coordination

A more modern ulzzang look, women – and even men and children – now dress the same from top to bottom. Whether they are monochromatic or patterned, it doesn’t matter. They are and will always be on point.


11. Vintage Dream

As a country of Samsungs, South Korea is progressive, but fashion  – it can go way ahead the times or a few steps back to the past, like wearing bell bottoms or clogs.


12. Pop Of Color

It’s a given when you’re in Korea, you’ll see women sporting the ulzzang look by wearing big, oversized jackets, vests, and sweaters with skinny jeans. But how do you make it stand out? By picking bright colors, and trust them to never be afraid of mixing the shades in the color wheel.

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

13. Pattern Play

From their shirts to their sneakers – and, yes, to their dresses – count on Korean street style to show you the many ways to play around with patterns. And we’re not just talking about floral patterns and safari (which are not so common anyway!).

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

14. Staying With Tradition

What’s South Korea without the hanbok (Joseon-ot)? The dress, however, isn’t just found in tourist information centers but also in the streets of Seoul where women can wear them with high heels or sneakers while others choose a more modern take on it: short and paired with jeans.


15. Athleisure Style

Athleisure fashion is taking over the world, and Seoul isn’t immune from it, but trust them to do so much more. For example, you can wear a long-sleeved Fila shirt with formal wear.

Top Korean Street Style Outfit Ideas You'll Love

16. Biker Chic

The biking culture is growing in South Korea, especially in Seoul, so pedaling while wearing a pair of pinstripe slacks is normal.


You can get all the ideas from the internet but the best way to really see and appreciate the beauty of Korean street fashion is to visit Korea! Now, pack your bags and take on that fashion adventure!


Looking for trendier, hipper, and younger Korean street style ideas? No problem! Check out how South Koreans dress in Hongdae, one of the vibrant neighborhoods for the university students:

Ready to work your outfit Korean street style? Hopefully, you are– as you have more than a dozen for inspiration. But don’t forget the number one rule of Korean fashion, which is THERE-ARE-NO-RULES! Dress for comfort, style, fashion, and personality then wear your outfit with confidence and pride.

Know more Korean street style looks? Share your photos, tips, and ideas in the comments below! White sneakers are popular in Korea! Learn how to keep white sneakers white with these pro tips.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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