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12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You’re So Pretty Fashion Guide

Get ready for an amazing barbecue party or a full day at the beach with these cute Memorial Day outfits! Work around the holiday’s theme of red, white, and blue and find out cool styles to follow.

Memorial Day Outfits | 12 Trendy Styles To Inspire You

Summer is definitely on! Barbecues, beaches, casual strolls, and, most of all, Memorial Day weekend. If you’ve got plans to explore the city, meet your friends, or chill in the outdoors, plan your OOTDs with these cute Memorial Day outfits. To keep up with the federal holiday, these styles mostly feature whites, reds, and blues. Check out the 12 ways you can wear them!


1. Casual Chick

One of the casual Memorial Day weekend outfits you can wear is a statement tee paired with red-striped ankle-length skirt and polka dot handbag, which screams casual chick. To make it even more street style, tie the edges of your long shirt into a bun.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

2. Luxe Silk

Usually, summers are all about cotton. But do you know silk is amazing too? It is a breathable fabric that helps regulate the temperature of your body, not to mention it feels so smooth to the skin. This patterned silk dress certainly makes you feel refreshed and relaxed this holiday.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

3. Charming All-American

How do you spell all-American in a more charming way? Polka-dot red top and cut-off denim shorts.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

4. Vintage Love

Do you find an all-white ensemble boring? One of the things you can do to your Memorial Day outfits is to add some colors – lots and lots of colors! Not only that, steal this vintage look to make you stand out during your coffee date with friends.


5. Laid-Back Lacy

If you’re going to a backyard party, exude the laid-back vibe with an off-shoulder top complemented by a long lacy skirt and earth-toned sandals. This is how you spell breathable in style.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

6. Stylish Beach Babe

Heading to the beach? Perfect! Get inspiration from one of the stylish Memorial Day outfits. Feel sexy with a flounce bikini top and comfy with lacy shorts. Complete your beach-babe look with this no-makeup trick.


7. Summer Vamp

Whether you’re planning to go to a ladies’ night or attending cocktails, this gray drape dress won’t let you down. It’s classy and flowy, making it truly comfortable to wear. End the look with a pair of silver ribboned pumps and off-white shoulder bag. Don’t forget to bring the cardigan, though, just in case the night turns chilly.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

8. Flower Power

Seriously, how can we forget floral Memorial Day outfits this summer? But skip the dresses for a bit and let’s be sexy! How about a floral crop top with fitted shorts to boot? And because we’re all about chicness here, trade flip-flops with Oxfords.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

9. Denim Alternative

When we think of blues, we think of denim, but if you’re heading to the marina for a light fare or a delectable seafood meal, a chambray romper with back ties is more fitting. Chambrays, after all, are lighter than denim! Want more romper ideas, then check this out!


10. Modern Memorial Day

When it comes to Memorial Day outfits, avoid the cliche such as plain denim and shirts bearing eagles and American flag. Rather, go for distressed acid-washed jeans, white ruffled eyelet, red accessories, and blue sweater.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

11. All-White Holiday

Girlbosses know there’s no rest for the wicked. If you’re running errands or rushing in between meetings during the Memorial Day weekend, this all-white sleeveless dress keeps you in touch with the holiday. Add a dash of color with a slim navy blue belt and a red jacket.

12 Cute Memorial Day Outfits | You're So Pretty Fashion Guide

12. Comfy In Stripes

If you’re the one hosting a Memorial Day party, you definitely need a get-up that’s easy and quick to put on, and by this, I mean a navy blue stripe top and plain white jeans. Very common pieces but functional and convenient to accessorize such as with sunnies and metal lady watch.


Because a dozen of cute Memorial Day outfits will never be enough, here are more styles to choose from!

Make this upcoming holiday and gathering with friends more memorable by wearing Memorial Day outfits that are comfortable, functional, yet stylish, trendy, and cute. There’s still time to plan your OOTD, but make sure you hurry. Use this post as your guide. ;)

Can you tell us your favorite Memorial Day outfits? Share your choice in your comments! To complete the look, here are beautiful Memorial Day nail design ideas!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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