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[WHAT’S HOT] This Mermaid Makeup Will Turn You Into An Ocean Princess

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a dazzling mermaid makeup even just for a day? With the help of some brush, palettes, and a secret beauty weapon, you can now turn your sea-inspired castle into a fascinating reality! Keep reading to find out how!

[WHAT’S HOT] This Mermaid Makeup Will Turn You Into An Ocean Princess

Do you want to learn how to do the mermaid makeup? If you’re a fan of the Little Mermaid and Ariel’s kingdom under the sea, having a fishtail (literally!) and a crown made of seashells could be your greatest aspiration (and obsession), right? Well, for that childhood fantasy, I admit having those sentiments, too!

It’s her glittering charm and enchanting look that make a mermaid engaging.

Recently, many are captivated by the idea of mermaids and the sea. Aside from marine-inspired wreaths placed on top of our heads, mermaid makeup tutorials seem to blaze the trail.

[WHAT'S HOT] This Mermaid Makeup Will Turn You Into An Ocean Princess

And the quick fix to create scales — a fishnet! It could be fishnet stockings, mesh weaving cap, or a wig cap. Basically, this makeup technique is a recreation of our juvenile imagination. And since summer would not be complete without the beach and the refreshing waters of the ocean, would you mind giving a fun twist to your scorching day?

Just like what a makeup junkie, Monica Rose, did about a week ago. On her Instagram account, she posted a mermaid makeup video tutorial and unexpectedly gained more than 2 million views! Eventually, she became an instant star of the sea because of her creation. Hooray to you, girl!


With a mesmerizing eye makeup done at the beginning of the video, she did the basic face makeup and covered her face after with a wig cap.

Then, picking out the lovely colors: blue, pink and purple shades from her palette, she did a patting motion on the perimeters of her face with a brush. This is done to transfer the fishnet pattern. She also added some blue glitters and sparkles for effect. Yassss!

Lastly, she used Kylie Lip Kit (Koko K) and some pink shimmers for her lips.

[WHAT'S HOT] This Mermaid Makeup Will Turn You Into An Ocean Princess

In the caption of her video, she said that it was her first time doing stuff like this but she absolutely nailed it! *party poppers!*


Check out another video tutorial for your sea-maiden makeup look by Bodmon Zaid:

If you’re not bold enough to wear this makeup on a summer day, you can still recreate it for another event. A mermaid-themed birthday party or Halloween costume party? Better prepare your outfit for a complete mermaid look to make you standout!


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