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New Wardrobe, New You! Your Ultimate 2016 Make Over

2015 was a great year in the beauty world, but it’s time to step up your fashion game by overhauling a rather dated wardrobe. What do have that you really don’t wear anymore? What essentials do you need for this coming year? These are questions to ask yourself when giving your closet a fashion makeover.

Think about timeless pieces that will last a lifetime and avoid buying unnecessary items that will simply pile up. Donate clothes that you don’t use anymore to your charity of choice. 

Here is 4-step guide to purging your closet.


New Wardrobe, New You! Your Ultimate 2016 Make Over

1. Pick out pieces that you know you won’t be using anymore. These are plain items that have irreparable damages, are ill-fitting and outdated.

2. Identical pieces? Keep one item and give the other away. Your oldest item is a likely candidate.

3. Adopt the 3-month method:

  • Easy! If you have an item you haven’t worn or used, put it safely away in a bag. If three months pass and you still haven’t worn that item, chances are, it’s something you won’t really miss.

4. Think about items that can be altered or updated to wear differently. Sell the things that you can’t use anymore, or better yet, give them to charity. Just keep them itemized accordingly.


5. For a fun idea, swap items with friends! Surely there are items you want from them and vice versa. If you plan to do this, keep a couple things in mind to make it an efficient swap:

  • Keep it within small groups that have your same taste or style. You want something you can use in the future.
  • Make it a group activity. Set a date that works for everyone. It’s a fun way to get all your gals together and still find new clothes!
  • Decide on how to work the garment swap. Is it going to be an item per item exchange? Or maybe a point system?

6. Anything you eliminated in the first step can go to charity.

7. Try selling unwanted items at a market.

  • Location is your first priority. Find a place where people go often or one that is specifically catered to pre-loved clothing and accessories.
  • Use social media to promote your little store – it’s popular and free!
  • Make pricing as reasonable as possible.
  • Use Eftpos for transactions or at least make sure you know where the nearest ATM is. Customers tend to lose interest immediately if it’s too complicated to make a purchase.

8. If you have pricier items or designer clothes, then online is your best bet. Use a website like eBay to post these items for potential buyers.


New Wardrobe, New You! Your Ultimate 2016 Make Over

9. Buy new hangers to organize your stuff. Keep an extra three or more just in case.

10. Categorize your clothes depending on how you want (by style, by color or by occasion).

11. Keep a list of the items you still have. A name tag for each closet door will help you find your favorite jeans in an instant.


12. Self-discipline is key here!

  • When you purchase new items, throw away something else. If you can’t think of anything that this item will replace then it’s most likely something you don’t need.
  • Repeat these steps every three months or so and you’ll see SUCH a difference in your wardrobe… and yourself.
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