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Person Wearing Pair of White Air Force 1 Low| 10 Trendy Nike Sneakers This Season You Should Own | Featured

10 Trendy Nike Sneakers This Season You Should Own

Marilyn Monroe once said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Having a very comfortable pair of Nike sneakers in your closet can make a normal outfit look great. Rocking cute and beautiful shoes could spell a difference in your confidence and can make you feel great about yourself.

Here are some of the best and trendiest Nike pairs in the world which you can get in your next shopping spree.

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Best Nike Sneakers You Need to Have in Your Shoe Rack

1. Nike Air Max 270 React


The Nike Air Max 270 React is one of the most recent releases in this list. The mix of the Air Max technology and the new React cushioning of Nike makes this sneaker very comfortable. Add to it the cute colorways Nike has for this series. It is so cute.

2. Nike Cortez ‘Forrest Gump’


As told by Forrest Gump in the award-winning movie: “Momma always says there’s an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes.” Owning a pair of the original or re-released Nike Cortez “Forrest Gump” in the colorway seen in the movie can tell “an awful lot” about you.

It is a simple pair of sneakers but looks really great in almost any casual attire.

3. Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Triple White’

Person Wearing Pair of White Air Force 1 Low | 10 Trendy Nike Sneakers This Season You Should Own

Nike Air Force 1 is an icon in the sneaker world. It became well known through the hip hop culture in the 90s and gained popularity ever since.

The simplicity in its design is what got most people’s attention. Everybody loves all-white shoes and the low version of the AF1 in a triple white colorway has been one of the most sought after pairs.

4. Nike React Element 55


The Nike React Element 55 is a hybrid of the old and the new. Its silhouette came from the Internationalist sneakers added with the new React sole technology. It is very comfortable to use and has many adorable colors for us ladies.

5. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2


The Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 is for the athletic ladies. It is made for running and can also be worn in most physical activities. It has a very soft sole that gives your feet cushion and a Flyknit upper that hugs your feet and keeps the shoe in place.

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6. Nike Air Max 97


The Nike Air Max 97 is a classic line from the 90s that is making its way back. It features Nike’s lightweight cushioning and is great for long walks and for your casual attire. The metallic rose gold colorway is one of our favorites.

It will make your legs look slimmer and sexier. It is also best to pair with jeans, leggings, or white ankle pants.

7. Nike Air Vapormax


The Nike Air Vapormax is fairly new in the shoe world. Although it has the signature Air Max technology of the Nike, the shoe company re-invented its design with patches of air bubbles scattered through the sole of the shoe. It is carefully placed on different pressure points for comfort when walking or running.

For us ladies, it is commonly used for a workout and running shoes rather than casual wear. It is best worn with tights when you’re planning your trip to the gym.

8. Nike Air Max 1


Initially marketed as a running shoe, the Nike Air Max 1 became a staple in street and casual wear. It is the first shoe invented by Nike to have the Air Max technology.

The upper portion of the shoe has carefully placed pads to maximize cushioning. These Nike sneakers are really comfortable and look great for those with skinny legs.

9. Nike Air Max 95

Woman Wearing Air Max 95 | 10 Trendy Nike Sneakers This Season You Should Own

The Nike Air Max 95 is another pair of runners making a comeback. It was the first pair of Nike to feature the Air technology in the front foot of the shoe. One of the most iconic colorways for this shoe is the “Neon.”

You can never go wrong with a gold pair as well. It is perfect for us girls especially when we go out for a run.

10. Air Jordan 1 Low


Some may think Jordans or “Js” are mostly for men. No, they’re great for us women, too.

The Jordan 1 took the entire Nike brand to the next level after Michael Jordan introduced it to the world. The brand then re-invented this shoe and made different versions of it, including the lows. What once was a basketball shoe now became a staple for streetwear.

Perfect for us ladies is the “Shattered Backboard” colorway, which features an orange color. It is great paired with shorts or skinny jeans.

Watch this video from Miss Alex to learn more about Nike sneakers and the must-haves for your rack:

When you’re on your next shopping spree, you’ll know what kind of Nike sneakers you need to look out for. Personally, I really love the Air Force 1. I feel they’re one of the most comfortable and trendiest shoes I have in my rack.

Which of the Nike sneakers mentioned above are already in your shoe rack? Show us by leaving a photo in the section provided below.


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