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Oprah Defends The Kardashians While Rebel Wilson Slams Them

“Superficial” and “famous for no talent” are fighting words.

Oprah is coming to the aid of The Kardashians by telling everyone that the family are a hardworking bunch. This came right after actress/comedienne Rebel Wilson refused to present an award with Kylie and Kendall Jenner at the MTV VMA Awards.

Wilson called the sisters “superficial” and “famous for no talent.” She also said that the family is the opposite of what she stands for — working hard to get where you’re at.

Read the story here:

Oprah Defends Kardashian Family From Accusation They Are Famous for Nothing

The complaint that the Kardashian family is a scourge of society is nothing new-for the past 10 seasons of Keeping with the Kardashians, many have decried the reality TV family for being famous for no reason or talent.

Undoubtedly, the Kardashians are a notorious name in Hollywood. Many follow them, while many express their hate for the family too. However, it is one thing to tell them they’re famous for nothing and another to say they’re not working hard enough. At some level, I do agree with Oprah because being on camera is tough work. Even filming a 2 minute video of yourself is stressful enough. Work is work and credit should be given where it’s due. On the other hand, the family’s exposure has been out of hand for years now, which is probably why people like Rebel are getting sick and tired of it. Well, there’s really nothing we can do about it — bad publicity is publicity after all. But Oprah speaking out should add a fresh perspective on things.

Are you a fan of The Kardashians? Or do you agree with Rebel? Let us know your thoughts!

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