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Prints and Patterns for Spring

The Modern Mix

There’s one simple way to update your wardrobe this spring. Just throw your clothes on your closet floor and mix them all up. Well, maybe that’s taking things a bit too far, but fashion designers have come up with some new combinations this season that will definitely have an impact on how some of us put together our outfits every morning.

It’s an artful blend of prints and patterns that made the runways buzz with this modern fusion of contemporary style whipped up just in time for spring. Here are some of the latest ways to master the new mix:

–Mix assorted patterns in one color palette. Yes, this can be tricky, but follow the lead of designers who do some of the best “pattern on pattern” combos for spring. How about pairing gingham shirts with pastel plaid skirts or floral tops teamed with geometric-print skirts in vivid bright hues? The key to mixing such diverse prints is to make sure all the pieces blend in the same color family.

–Mix your textures. Another modern way to dress — pair “unlikely” fabrics with each other. Think lightweight floral chiffon dresses layered under chunky cardigan sweaters and menswear-style trench coats. Or lacy see-through skirts teamed with denim vests and jackets. Mixing matte and shiny textures is another mix-master trick. One of my favorite “go-to” outfits for evenings out is a pair of dark jeans with a black ruffled chiffon blouse over a black tank. In the fall, I add a shiny black leather jacket and boots.

–Mix your styles. Think outside the fashion box and come up with your own way of combining clothes and accessories. I like to mix animal prints into my wardrobe. For summer, I layer black-and-white polka dots with black-and-white zebra prints; in fall and winter, I switch to leopard prints layered with accents of red.

–Mix masculine with feminine. This is one of the best ways to update a “suit” for work. Many designers have incorporated menswear looks into their collections this year, bringing back the streamlined tailoring that minimalist fashion followers love. Inject some feminine flair into these pieces with flirty shirts, wide-leg pants or soft skirts. A chiffon blouse with a pastel tweed suit is always a “do” for office dressing.

–Mix your “eras.” Don’t be afraid to mix a few vintage pieces into your wardrobe this fall. There’s still plenty of “granny grunge” out there from the ’90s to layer under a tailored jacket for more of a bohemian touch. One “funky” piece at a time, please. Wacky can quickly become tacky.

–Mix your accessories. This is one of the easiest ways to amp up the style factor in your wardrobe any season of the year. This spring, a big trend statement for the young at heart is wearing pointy-toe skimmer flats with ankle socks. One colorful handbag will also do wonders in dressing up your basics.

–Mix your metals. Metallics are one of the best ways to get the look of the new modern mix. Antique coppers, smoky pewters and rich bronzes all complement the season’s lighter color palette. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals when layering on necklaces, bangles and rings. Experiment with mixing in some antique jewelry with your newer pieces and pile it on. More is definitely better.


Prints and Patterns for Spring

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