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[Relationship Advice] 8 Signs That Your Man Is A Keeper

Is chivalry dead? The short answer is no. Although finding a chivalrous man can feel like finding a needle in a haysack, there is still that hidden needle, ladies, that’s just waiting to be found.


8 Signs That Your Man Is A Keeper

Alright, ladies, listen up, because I’m here to give you some real relationship advice. Some of us may just need to rely on lady luck to help us find that guy who still has the courtesy and the decency to make us feel special all the way.

But let me tell you this: if there’s one thing that should always be burning inside you, that is hope. There is always hope that you’ll meet the guy who won’t just call you for a booty call or just want to play around. Out there, in the vast world of dating, lies a man who is chivalrous and still embodies the qualities of your knight in shining armor.

They still exist and this is how you’ll know if he’s worth keeping around.

1. He offers the last bite.

Men love to eat and they can gobble up food like there’s no tomorrow. So if a man offers you the last bite of his food or offers you the last piece of food that you share, that’s huge! This means that he is unselfish and also shows that he doesn’t always want the last word on things.

[Relationship Advice] 8 Signs That Your Man Is A Keeper

2. He is a gentleman.

Opening doors, holding chairs, offering to carry your stuff? Apparently, a lot of men today do not open or hold doors for women anymore. We’re also talking about opening and closing car doors for you. If a man still performs these simple gestures, add those points in your book!

[Relationship Advice] 8 Signs That Your Man Is A Keeper

3. He watches a chick flick with you.

Men don’t like chick flicks, so if he obliges to accompany you to watch one, he may just be a keeper. Men can’t be bothered by these kinds of movies. They prefer watching sports, playing video games or watch action movies instead. A man sacrificing his time to watch what you like is truly admirable.

4. He sends flowers.

Women love flowers, but for some reason, men don’t get them as often as they should anymore. We’re not talking about special occasions here, but just any normal day. If a man sends you flowers without any special occasion, he wants to let you know that he is definitely thinking about you throughout the day. If he delivers the flowers himself, even better! And this isn’t confined to just flowers, we’re talking chocolates, books, or even small gift that shows HIS appreciation for YOU.

5. He hangs out with the family.

There are men who find “meeting the family” as something too serious, so they shy away from that. However, if you find a man who is more than happy to spend time with you and your family, don’t let him go. It is hard to find a man who will genuinely interact with your relatives. This clearly shows that he cares for you enough to get to know the family and express his good intentions.

[Relationship Advice] 8 Signs That Your Man Is A Keeper

6. He kisses your forehead.

Many women love a kiss on the forehead because it makes them feel loved and adored. After all, there’s no need for tongue action every time. A man can kiss you without being borderline PDA with a simple kiss on the forehead. It is simple and very sweet.

[Relationship Advice] 8 Signs That Your Man Is A Keeper

7. He puts your coat on.

Now this is something we don’t see every day. A man would think, “Why do I need to help her put her coat on? She can do it by herself.” Yes, you can, but helping you out shows what a gentleman he is. Of course we know how to put our own coat, make our own coffee or hold our groceries, but this doesn’t mean he can’t do those things for you. It’s the effort that counts, man!

[Relationship Advice] 8 Signs That Your Man Is A Keeper

8. He is genuine and sincere.

Only you can really tell if your man is being genuine and sincere. Apart from all his efforts, I believe you can see through him and look through his heart. You have to be honest with yourself too. If you see that he’s just all talk, it’s time to drop it. But if he’s caring and truthful, what are you waiting for? Keep him all to yourself, girl!

To make a woman fall deep in love, there’s really no need for grand gestures or spectacular surprises. When a woman sees that you think about her, care for her and run that extra mile just for her comfort, convenience and happiness, you’ll be a clear winner in her book!

Remember, ladies, it’s not whether you’re good enough for your man, it’s whether your man is good enough for you. If you struggle with self-confidence and believing in your self-worth, we highly recommend you watch this video.

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