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Let Your Shoe Fashion Shine in 2018

Stepping into a New Year (Let Your Shoe Fashion Shine in 2018)

You may still be slushing through ice in your Wellies, but you can always dream of stepping out into the sunshine in a pair of glittering slides. So, before you get too tired of putting one more Ugg boot in front of another, put a few of these new shoe trends on your shopping list and start celebrating warmer days ahead. Take a few cues from Leslie Gallin, president of footwear at UBM Fashion.

“Footwear right now is so exciting,” says Gallin, who stays on top of the trends and regularly shares her fashion forecasts at industry trade shows. “Consumers want creative, bold styles.”
She predicts that embellishment and color will be the biggest changes to watch for in the coming year. “People want what they don’t already own. They want unique.”

Here are some of Gallin’s top shoe tips for 2018:

Join the mule team.

“Everyone needs a good mule,” says Gallin of the chic slip-on that keeps growing in popularity and is a spring/summer footwear favorite of the fashion crowd. “There are all sorts of variations and styles out there, and for now, it’s here to stay.”

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Don’t pass on pastels.

Pale colors in footwear are the fastest way to update your wardrobe. “They are everywhere,” says Gallin. “Pastels are all the rage.” Think Easter egg hues…blush pink, baby blue, lemon yellow, mint green, and lavender.

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Or purple.

And if you’re wondering what color of shoes to wear with all those purple clothes out there this season, rest assured that footwear designers have you covered. According to Gallin, there are even dyed-to-match “ultraviolet” leathers to complement Pantone’s “color of the year.”

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Let Your Shoe Fashion Shine in 2018

Saddle up.

Watch for cowboy boots to make a big comeback this year, says Gallin. “The humble boot made its debut on the catwalks and will soon be spotted just about everywhere with glitter accents and an ultra-feminine silhouette,” she adds. Embroidery, beading and artistic designs will give cowboy boots new life on the fashion range. “Styled with mini dresses or shorts, this resurgence is one you don’t want to ignore,” says Gallin.

Dress up sneakers.

White sneakers have been a staple of our wardrobes for years, but in 2018 it’s time to dress them up. “Fashion enthusiasts are moving away from the signature white look,” says Gallin, “and opting for amped-up appeal through embellishments.” Expect to see various textures and colors laced with everything from gemstones and glitter to tufted feathers and studs. “The upgraded trainer is the easiest accessory to elevate a simple day-to-day look.”

Shine on.

Shoes with patent leather finishes will brighten up those dreary winter wardrobes in a flash. “This standout look offers a modern and fresh feel to traditional silhouettes,” says Gallin. “Perfect for the minimalist or those looking to shine, patent styles offer a sleek and effortless pop to any outfit.”

And on with glitter.

If you’re tired of those black leather boots you’ve worn for years, then maybe it’s time to add some dazzle to your shoe wardrobe. Spotted on boots, pumps and even flats, sparkly footwear covered in glitter will be “everywhere in the coming seasons,” says Gallin.

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Go low.

Sky-high pumps are coming down to earth…sort of. Instead of towering stilettos, watch for mid-rise heels to give us some relief for a while. Ditto for kitten heels. “Comfortable mid-rise heels offer the ability to easily transition from day to night,” says Gallin.

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