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16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You’ll Love

Care to take a peek at this all-new list of amazing wedding bouquets to make your wedding even grander? Summer is a season of possibilities, so go ahead and take a chance on any of these gorgeous summer wedding bouquets. It wouldn’t hurt to look now, would it? :-)

Getting married in the summer has its own list of perks: One, it can assure you of more positive responses on your RSVPs, and two, warm outdoor weddings. But even when paired with great weather, you still have to consider choosing the right color scheme for your wedding bouquets to make sure it will stand out in the strong sunshine. You can brainstorm with your florists what flowers locally bloom in your area that appeals to you. Just give them the full description of what you want to help them come up with the perfect wedding bouquets of your dreams.

16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You’ll Love

As I’ve mentioned before, wedding bouquets during the summer have a lot of possibilities. Round, composite, and hand-tied are the most common bouquet types that go perfectly with a summertime theme or you can also opt for cascade or waterfall flower bouquets. Whatever your final choice will be, I’m sure I have a thing or two here to help you complete your dreamy wedding bouquets. Read on to start choosing! :-)

16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You'll Love

Summer Wedding Bouquets #1 Vibrant Peach, Orange and Coral Bouquet

Nothing spells summer better than peach, orange and coral wedding bouquets. They are easy on the eyes but still surprisingly striking. Definitely memorable in an early morning beach wedding I say.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #2 Sunflower Bouquet

This bright and refreshing sunflower wedding bouquet will definitely shine on your big day. From what I heard, they represent loyalty and longevity. Pretty good values to start your married life with, don’t you think?

16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You'll Love

Summer Wedding Bouquets #3 Wild Flowers Bouquet

Wild flowers wedding bouquets are not common but are really eye-catching in a blooming outdoor summer wedding. Would you believe that this wedding was held in a zoo? That’s an idea for you right there!

Summer Wedding Bouquet #4 Rose Wedding Bouquet

Full of aroma and romanticism, roses are by far still summer’s favorite flowers to use in a wedding. Check out the tutorial on how to achieve these round rose wedding bouquets here.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #5 White and Yellow Bouquet

White and yellow summer bouquets make a great combination for a simple yet magical wedding reception. This arrangement is nice and dainty. It exudes both sophistication and boldness.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #6 Pretty Pale Blue and Fresh Summer Bouquet

Nothing says young love more than these pretty pale blue and fresh summer wedding bouquets. This batch of brightly colored flowersd will look perfect in a beautiful morning garden wedding with the perfect wedding gown to match.

16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You'll Love

Summer Wedding Bouquets #7 Peach and Mint Wedding Bouquet

Peach and mint wedding bouquets are great for modern weddings and barn weddings. Imagine a hundred lights illuminating its beauty. Its summery color and scent are so relaxing, it can easily calm any utterly excited bride!

Summer Wedding Bouquet #8 Summer’s White Bouquet

There is nothing wrong with going all-white. I did it for my wedding and I’m sure it will work wonders with yours too. You can use any kind of flower to achieve these summer white wedding bouquets, just take your pick.

16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You'll Love

Summer Wedding Bouquets #9 Pink Bouquet

A pink summer bouquet is perfect for a lovely August wedding. These wedding bouquets help brighten the bride’s blooming aura, especially when matched with the perfect summery shades of lipstick.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #10 Rose, Daisy, Wheat Wedding Bouquet

A rosy-cheeked June bride will look great walking down the aisle with these rose, daisy, and wheat wedding bouquets. The color combination is all about love for romance and sunshine.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #11 Blue, Blush Pink, and Ivory Artificial Bouquet

These wedding bouquets are made especially for brides with a pollen allergy. These gorgeous blue, blush pink, and ivory artificial wedding bouquets with artificial roses, peonies, calla lilies, lisianthus, gypsophila and hydrangea are arranged to bring out the glow of any bride who prefers it.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #12 Bright and Colorful Wedding Bouquet

Somewhere over the rainbow is this bright and colorful wedding bouquet. Originally used to grace the aisle of a rustic camp wedding where its colors pop out, it will go perfectly with any late afternoon summer wedding ceremony.

16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You'll Love

Summer Wedding Bouquets #13 Coral Peony Wedding Bouquet

This will leave your groom in awe! The greenery jives so well with these coral peony wedding bouquets. Find the details of how it accentuates a barn summer wedding here.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #14 Plumeria Tropical Wedding Bouquet

You can also opt to order some flowers overseas if you like. These plumeria tropical wedding bouquets are from a summer beach wedding held in Fiji. They are so gorgeous and beachy indeed.

Summer Wedding Bouquets #15 Wild Ethereal Bouquet

Laid back but still with a commanding glamor, these wild ethereal bouquets are perfect for any outdoor or indoor wedding rite. It looks so sentimental and photographs really well, too.

16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You'll Love

Summer Wedding Bouquets #16 Purple and Green Bouquet

Clutching purple and white wedding bouquets will give off that royal feel to your wedding. You will look like a princess with this purple and green bouquet as you exchange vows with your handsome prince. If you like, you can also try out this DIY vintage white and purple bouquet, tutorial here.


Enjoy this informative video and get a chunk of advice from flower expert DexKnows Weddings on how to choose flowers to make beautiful summer wedding bouquets:

You can only own this moment once so make sure that every detail will go according to plan. One of the most obvious details are wedding bouquets that are with you when you take that breathtaking and memorable walk. Choose a bouquet that is not too overwhelming that it overshadows your dress. Pick out a meaningful and sophisticated one that brings out your wedding personality and boost your over-all bridal ensemble. Best wishes!


Would you like to know more bouquet ideas? Check them out here!


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16 Amazing Summer Wedding Bouquets You'll Love


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