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Swimsuits For Women And How to Buy The Right One For You

Ride on with the summer heat wave by shopping for the right swimsuits for women. Get the best practical tips on finding the right fit and style for you.

9 Handy Tips On Shopping The Right Swimsuits For Women

The summer is here, but are your bikinis ready? If they don’t fit well or you’re confused which of the dozens of styles available is a match for you, then here are the 9 best tips for shopping swimsuits for women. Whether you’re buying them online or in your nearest swimsuit shop, you’ll find these ideas handy, practical, and sensible.


1. Know your body type and size

Apple Shaped | Swimsuits for Women and How to Buy The Right One for You

First of all, people tend to confuse body size and type. Body size is petite, medium, or plus size. Body types are apple shaped, hourglass, pear shaped, athletic, diamond, and boxy, to name a few. Simply put, a petite person can have an apple-shaped body while a plus-size may have an hourglass figure. When shopping for sexy swimsuits, you should consider both.

Now, which swimsuits are perfect for common body types and sizes? If you have an apple-shaped body, it means you tend to have a heavier upper torso and slimmer legs. To draw attention away from the heavy upper body, wear a patterned bottom to accentuate the legs. You can also take a hint from retro or vintage swimsuits that use hipster or granny bottoms. Nevertheless, don’t forget to give your chest enough support.

Meanwhile, you are considered petite if you stand 5 feet 4 inches and smaller. Petite women can have different body types, and some, even if they’re small, tend to have elongated legs. Either way, you can benefit from a one-piece suit with vertical or light-colored patterns to lengthen your body. Avoid having too many patterns on your swimsuit.

Pear Shaped | Swimsuits for Women and How to Buy The Right One for You

If you have a heavier bottom, you may have a pear-shaped body. To create the illusion of proportion, you can have a stylish swimsuit top like a flounce or cut-out one-piece to bring the attention away from the lower torso.


2. Take your time

Shop | Swimsuits for Women and How to Buy The Right One for You

If you want to have the right swimsuits for women, then take my word: DO NOT RUSH. The last thing you want to happen is to be embarrassed by your choice. But when is the best time to start shopping? It depends on your goal. If you want to save money, buy when summer is almost over or before June, as stores are more likely to offer great swimsuits on sale. Buying around this time inside shops also means avoiding bumping to other women and waiting a long time to use the fitting rooms.

3. Try them on

One of my practical swimsuit buying tips is to consider shopping in a brick-and-mortar store before you go online, and the reason is obvious. You can try the swimwear on. Note, however, you cannot wear the swimsuit you’ll end up buying for hygienic reasons. The store is just going to give you something similar.

If you really don’t have time and you want to buy swimsuits online, then look for stores that offer a try-at-home program. Select the swimwear you wish to try, and they’re going to send the sample to you. These stores also provide free returns, so you don’t pay anything for trying.


4. Buy separates

Separates | Swimsuits for Women and How to Buy The Right One for You

If you love the beach, then by all means, buy as many cute swimsuits as you like. But if you want to be practical with your spending, consider separates. This way, you can learn to mix and match different patterns and styles and feel as if you have a brand-new swimwear each time.


5. Consider your lingerie size

Lingerie | Swimsuits for Women and How to Buy The Right One for You

If you’re thinking I am going to give a sizing chart for swimsuits for women, you’re wrong! It’s always best to use the guide found on online shops or just try one on. Regardless of the size, though, your swimsuit should feel as comfortable as your lingerie. Otherwise, you’ll look awkward at the beach and on your OOTD selfies, trust me.

Tip: Just how fit should the swimsuit must be? Very fit! This is because when the swimsuit gets wet, it can sag. Swimsuits can also stretch over time.


6. Play with style

Shopping for sexy swimsuits is never boring! After all, there are so many styles to pick. The bandeau, which is basically a fabric wrapped around the chest, provides excellent support for the bust and is less likely to move.

A nice variation of the bandeau is the flounce, which is like a bandeau but with a covering at the front. It can be frills, tassels, lace, or crochet.

If you want to avoid the ugly spaghetti strap tan lines but still want to feel uber-sexy, then go for off-shoulder one-piece or two-piece swimsuits.

The peplum, on the other hand, is a quirky take on the classic tankini. It’s also great for moms-to-be who are not yet showing or women with apple-shaped bodies as it creates a waist.

Cut-Out | Swimsuits for Women and How to Buy The Right One for You

The cut-out one-piece swimsuit is a great way to have fun with the summer look, and it’s fantastic for women who want to be daring without showing a lot of skin.

And what’s an awesome swimsuit if it isn’t fun to wear? Express your personality and creativity by choosing colorful, exciting patterns.

7. Pick  multipurpose

Shopping for budget swimsuits for women? Buy swimwear that’s truly versatile. Whard Willas swimsuits, for example, are reversible. Some options out there have UV protection or can be worn as casual (think swimsuits and duke shorts) or even athleisure.


8. Be careful with whites

White | Swimsuits for Women and How to Buy The Right One for You

I love whites! It’s airy, fresh, and classy. And in a sea of geometric patterns, florals, and color blocks, it stands out, no question. But whites can also mean “accidents” you want to avoid at all costs, so if you want to buy white swimsuits, get those with an extra layer inside.


9. Give your bust sufficient support

More than the design, always make function a priority. Swimsuits should be light enough you have more freedom to move when swimming and offer ample protection and support whether they’re wet or not.


Which cute swimsuits help flaunt your assets? What colors are great for your body? Get more ideas on buying swimsuits for women in this video:

You don’t need to have a Victoria’s Secret bikini body to wear these gorgeous swimsuits for women. You just have to buy the RIGHT one for you – the swimwear that shows off your assets and makes you confident.

Share more tips on how to buy swimsuits for women below! For other beach outfit ideas, click this!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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