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9 Ways To Go Monochromatic This Spring

Since spring is just around the corner, and summer’s such an exciting idea for fashion; try bright and light shades as your bets. You can chill on mixing and matching and this time try sporting one, monochromatic color. It’s a sure way to achieve a fresh appeal! Check out these monochromatic outfit ideas: Stylish Spring Outfits   1.…

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Spring Breakups for the season

Break out of a fashion style rut this spring. After a long winter of cocooning, it's time to peel back the layers and add on the personality. Put some fun back into your wardrobe, and break up all that winter monotony. Spring Breakups Reawaken! Refresh! Revive! Here are a few ways to take a vacation from…

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Spring Dresses to Update Your Wardrobe

Spring and summer means the sun is shining and it's time to party. Whether it's a beach wedding, a college graduation or a class reunion, it's time to celebrate and dress up for that special occasion.

Spring Party Dressing

And while many of us may have a little black dress handy for those last-minute parties, there are a few new ways to update a festive wardrobe. Think ahead. Look at your calendar. Then check out these possibilities: --The jumpsuit. This one-piece wonder has recently become a fashion favorite, inspired by the '70s trend that keeps on generating lots of buzz. In white, the jumpsuit lends itself to all kinds of warm-weather appearances. There are lots of silhouettes to choose from. Pick the one that flatters you and jump in. (And yes, you can wear white to a wedding. Just be sure the bride isn't wearing a white jumpsuit, too!) --The fit and flare dress. Another popular trend this season, the "narrow on top and fuller skirt" dress is perfect for many occasions that call for a little more fancy option. The newest dresses for spring and summer feature colorful and fun graphic prints and stripes...perfect for everything from brunches to garden parties. --The palazzo pants. Wide and flowing, palazzo pants are like wearing pajamas to a party, and what could be more comfy than that? Another throwback from the '60s and '70s, these loungers can be dressed up with cut-out silky evening tops or dressed down for more casual occasions with simple, yet elegant cotton blouses or T-shirts. --The caftan. Want to feel like you're partying in Morocco? Or just like the freedom of a little looser dress? The full-length kaftan may be your best bet for a glamorous patio party or cocktails on the beach. Just accessorize with large hoop earrings, chunky cuff bracelets and flat sandals. --The longer skirt. Whether it's a midi (mid-calf) or an ankle-grazing maxi, the newest skirts are long on style. The midi may be a little trickier to wear, but it's also the chicest skirt length out there right now. Whatever hemline you wear, just make sure it doesn't fall at the widest part of your leg -- not flattering! --The sparkling top. Take those longer skirts and palazzo pants and add some shine on top. Sleeveless metallic tanks, beaded halters and sequined crops are all ways to glitter for a special occasion this spring and summer and an easy way to dress up casual sportswear separates like those longer skirts and palazzo pants. --The tailored suit. No, not the one you wear to work, please. Or if it is, please dress it up a bit! The fashion minimalist may show up at an art gallery opening in a short tailored jacket and flared pants, but she's always got something more interesting going on: a pair of knockout shoes, a jeweled statement necklace or a great vintage clutch. --Remember, it's a party, so have fun and get a little creative with your fashion choices. If the party is really formal, then a pants tuxedo may be an option. Try one in white for a change from basic black. We're talking celebrating. Dress to impress yourself!
The fit and flare dress is one of spring's best party looks.
To find out more about Sharon Mosley, and read features by other Creative Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at COPYRIGHT 2015 CREATORS.COM

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Fashion Icons by the Decade

Audrey Hepburn. Twiggy. Ali MacGraw. They are just a few of the fashion icons who have inspired us all across generations with their individual styles. Designers always have their own personal muses to whom they turn when they want to call up fashion classics that are still relevant today. Take a look at how these women put themselves together, and create your own unique fashion muse: you!

Fashion Icons for Every Decade


The '50s

Audrey Hepburn. One of my personal favorites, her easy elegance will always be in style. She wasn't a trend follower; she was a trendsetter. Her wardrobe was simple, yet chic -- tailored suits, the perfect little black dress, sleek black trousers, crisp white shirts, classic turtlenecks, ballet flats and those signature oversized black sunglasses. Oh, and maybe a mink coat or two thrown over it all. It's still a go-to list for all of us 60 years later. Other unforgettable looks from the '50s include Marilyn Monroe's sheer dress in "Some Like It Hot," and anything worn by Elizabeth Taylor, who Katy Perry recently channeled for the September cover of Harper's Bazaar.

The '60s

It was a youthful decade, full of rockers and models who transitioned from the space age to the Age of Aquarius. The names of the players are still familiar today: London's androgynous Twiggy; the East Prussian-born model Veruschka; sexy actresses Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve; Jane Birken, who inspired the famous Hermes handbag; and bohemian rockers such as Marianne Faithfull. Their free-spirited styles broke all the rules and started a fashion revolution that has once again influenced the zeitgeist of designers who embrace the eccentric.

The '70s

This decade was a continuation of the rockin' '60s when disco and punk blended into the fashions of the day a la Debbie Harry, Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger. Designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Bill Blass and Halston took care of all the "beautiful people." Calvin Klein and his jeans turned Brooke Shields into an advertising sensation. And then there were the more "buttoned down" years of the fashion icons such as Ali MacGraw and her "Love Story" wardrobe of cozy knits and preppy plaids.

The '80s

Fast forward into the '80s, when club fever was heating up the fashion scene, and Madonna was all the rage with her outrageous dance clothes that resembled lingerie more than anything else. Her lace corset tops, elbow gloves and tight skirts have once again showed up this fall. But on the flip side, there were designers who reacted with conservative styles. They dressed the likes of Princess Diana and other socialites who preferred a slightly more discreet approach to fashion. "The Preppy Handbook" debuted in 1980 and the culture clash was on -- country club vs. nightclub.

The '90s

As a new age of yuppies dawned with matching suits and bow-tied blouses with sneakers worn to work, there was another reactionary movement -- this time on the part of fashion designers who (of course) wanted to rail against the "corporateness" of it all. Using waif-like models, these mavericks did their "grunge" thing, providing a startling contrast to runways filled with the sleek, minimal looks of Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Helmut Lang and others.

The '00s and today

The last two decades have been filled with a mix of all of the above. Trends come and go as fast as the seasons change. Style icons can go to the extremes like two of the season's favorites: Michelle Obama, who has mastered the mix of high and low fashion, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow's character Margot Tenenbaum exemplified a quirky fashion sense in "The Royal Tenenbaums" in 2001, and her look is already being revisited by designers today. The good news is that fashion designers now focus less on the latest fads and more on giving savvy consumers, inundated with instant electronic buying power, more choices than ever. This fall, there is indeed something for everyone, whether you're a fan of Audrey's sleek chic, Madonna's rock-star flash, Ali MacGraw's preppy elegance or Margot's geek chic. There may be a little bit of these icons in us all. But the style tip that really matters? Just be yourself. Create your own muse. After all, that's the only fashion icon that really matters.   In the September issue of Vogue, Target pays homage to fashion history by re-imagining some of the most iconic images from the archives of Vogue, including this one featuring Veruschka.   To find out more about Sharon Mosley, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at COPYRIGHT 2015 CREATORS.COM  

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