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The Fool Tarot Card | Tarots and Their Meanings

Ever wondered what The Fool tarot card actually means? It’s not what the word “fool” conveys but something much more significant. Read on to know what the card exactly represents.

The Fool Tarot | Tarots and Their Meanings

Defining The Most Powerful Tarot Card

The Fool tarot card does not actually have a specific position in the Tarot cards sequence. It is numbered zero and also considered the most powerful card in the Tarot Cards. The Fool is one of the trumps in the Major Arcana. Though its name stands for foolishness, it is a positive card as it indicates new beginnings. The Fool tarot card is used for divination as well as games.

The Fool Tarot Card | Tarots and Their Meanings

Not only that The Fool tarot card signifies a new beginning, this card also represents purity and innocence of an individual. It is an end to something from the past life. It is of change and perspective of moving forward. The Fool shows the highest potential in life— your renewal.
In the early Visconti-Sforza tarot cards, the Fool is usually depicted as a vagabond. The Fool’s image represents a beggar without his shoes, with a stick on his back, and his ragged clothes and stockings. The Fool’s tarot card shows a lot of objects: the sun, his bag, mountains behind him, and a white rose and dog. The Fool takes the beginning of his journey to the mysteries of life through his path in the Major Arcana.

The Fool Tarot Card | Tarots and Their Meanings

The Fool tarot is facing Northwest which is the direction for the unknown. This means he’s heading towards the mysteries of life — his future and challenges he is yet to face. The bright sun behind him represents the starting line of his journey to new beginnings. The face of the Fool is tilted upwards, which means he is ready to take on to the paths he will pave; he is still unsure but he knows he has everything he will be needing amidst his journey, and the bag he’s wearing has all the tools in life to help him succeed in every challenge he is yet to face.

As what the Fool tarot card is presented, the white rose he is holding indicates purity and innocence. The white dog with him is a representation of his guard, knowledge, and bravery. It is there to protect and guide him in his journey through the mysteries of life. The mountains, on the other hand, represent his past life and the mistakes he will redeem himself from.

The Fool Tarot Card | Tarots and Their Meanings

Optimistic, Carefree, Beginnings, Foolish, Potentials, Risks


Here is a video by Munisha Khatwani that might help you learn more on how to use tarot cards:

The Fool is a positive tarot card. Whatever you take on your present life, take the time to deeply ponder on every decision you’re about to make as it will give you a clearer future. Your past will always give you lessons to learn from — good or bad, follow what the Fool card stands for, and that is a new beginning. Take risks in your future to achieve your aims in life. Picture yourself with a lot of potential. Allow change and new beginnings.


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