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10 Cara Delevingne Looks To Inspire Your Personal Style

Our personal styles are always changing, and that’s a good thing! When it comes to my own day-to-day outfits, I always look for new inspiration and ideas just like these Cara Delevingne looks.

Cara Delevingne Looks That Prove She’s A Style Icon

I admired Cara so much as a model, and I think she’s one of our generation’s top style icons! And just by looking at Cara Delevingne looks over the years, you’ll see how she embraces all sorts of styles and trends. Read on for 10 top Cara Delevingne looks you’ll want to wear yourself!

Many of us know Cara Delevingne for her role in Suicide Squad, but we should also remember that she’s a successful and influential model as well! And models are some of the best sources of fashion inspiration. And why wouldn’t they be? Models like Cara are a huge part of the fashion industry, so they always have to look the part! It doesn’t matter if she’s on the runway, on the silver screen, or off-duty, Cara Delevingne looks every inch the style icon.  So If you’re in need of style inspiration to upgrade your personal style, why not take a look at some of Cara’s top looks?

1. Fierce


Cara was on the cover of ELLE this August, and she looked amazing! What I love the most about this look is how Cara really brings her signature attitude and fierce sense of style. The next time someone tells you to smile because it looks prettier, channel your inner Cara instead!

2. Laid-Back

A bomber jacket and white tee at a red carpet? Yes! Cara stepped up her off-duty look for an H&M red carpet by going for an embroidered jacket and all-black look.

3. Geek Chic

Go ahead and rock your geeky glasses, because Cara definitely did! A messy ponytail, geeky glasses, and a cozy cardigan can be chic as long as you own your look.

4. Runway


What’s a recap of top Cara Delevingne looks without one from the runway? Here she is at the Burberry Fall 2013 show, rocking those mixed prints. I love the heart print, it’s a feminine break from all the leopard and gold!

5. Personalized

My favorite part of this look? Cara’s personalized backpack! If you think monograms and embroidery are a bit juvenile, this proves otherwise. Rock a personalized backpack with your favorite laid-back outfit.

6. Punk Glam

An all-black outfit with a bold red lip is always a recipe for success. Those thigh-high boots are definitely another highlight of this outfit—they balance out the micro mini dress really well.

7. Dressed-Up Shorts


While wearing shorts to work or other professional situations isn’t really a good idea, you can definitely dress them up for date night or parties! Go for glam tops with sequins, glitter, or anything special.

8. Separates

This has got to be one of my personal favorite Cara Delevingne looks ever! Separates are so chic, and the cropped top gives this outfit a trendy twist.

9. Off-Duty

Cara isn’t afraid to get down in the mud, all in the name of music! At Glastonbury, she went full off-duty with 90s-inspired athletic wear, and signature British Wellies.

10. Red Carpet-Ready

This is one of those Cara Delevingne looks that show how your outfit and your makeup should really work together. Cara’s makeup was subdued and more on the neutral side, which let her show-stopping jumpsuit shine on the red carpet.

Cara Delevingne shares the story behind her looks in this video:

These are just some of Cara Delevingne’s most iconic looks, but I think it’s a good start! From the red carpet to the streets, Cara’s style is truly one of the kind. What are your favorite Cara Delevingne looks? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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